Cactus Cupcake Tutorial Video

DIY Cactus cupcake

A few weeks ago we were delighted to have cactus cupcake extraordinaire, Alana Jones-Mann, visit the Lars Studio for our Cactus Coloring book reveal party! She flew in early in the morning and flew out late that same day! Talk about a trooper! Alana was our guest-of-honor at the party, showing us how to make her delicious desert masterpieces step-by-step. It was AMAZING. But, we didn’t want anyone to feel left out, so we created a quick cactus cupcake tutorial video so you too can create these spiky sweets! We collaborated with the super talented Trisha Zemp to make this adorable stop-motion video that will leave you crazy for cacti. You’ll be surprised at how simple the process actually is, so make sure to give it a whirl! We included written instructions as well to help you on your way!

cactus cupcake videoCactus Coloring Party with The House That Lars Builtfor-thumbnailSupplies:

  • Green Frosting
  • White frosting
  • 2 cupcakes
  • Crushed graham crackers
  • White Sprinkles
  • Sugar flower
  • Off-set spatula


  1. Spread the top of one cupcake with white frosting and then dip into the crushed graham crackers
  2. Crumble the second cupcake in a bowl and combine with some green frosting. Form into a ball, like a cake pop.
  3. Adhere the green cake ball to the center of the white cupcake with a bit of green frosting.
  4. Pipe lines along the outside of the ball, creating the appearance of cactus ridges.
  5. Add sprinkles along the ridges to act as prickles and the sugar flower to the top.

Voila!cactus cupcake Cactus Coloring Party with The House That Lars BuiltCactus Coloring Party with The House That Lars BuiltCactus Coloring Party with The House That Lars Built

For more cactus themed tutorials and other rad ideas, check out Alana’s website and YouTube Channel.
For more adorable stop motion videos, check out Trisha Zemp’s work on Instagram!

Photos by Anna Killian  |  Cactus by Alana Jones-Mann  |  Video by Trisha Zemp



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