Studio tour with Anna Joyce

anna joyce studio 2

I visited Portland a few weeks ago to speak at Hello Sessions and was enamored with the magic of the town. How come no one told me about Portland? (I mean, besides the show, everyone moving there, etc.) Seriously, they’ve got a good thing going for them. In my down time I had the pleasure of visiting maker Anna Joyce in her studio. Anna recently released her book, Stamp Stencil Paint, and I was thrilled to take a peak at her magical working world.
anna joyce studio 4anna joyce studioanna joyce studio 8

anna joyce studio 3

These are some of the beautiful bags she hand prints and sells from her shop (click here to purchase). anna joyce studio 5 anna joyce studio 6 anna joyce studio 7

Anna is currently doing research for her current experiements and spoiler alert! It’s all about hand dyeing. So all of her playtime lately has been finding beautiful colors and testing and trying out different methods. She gave me a demonstration and it immediately made me what to get dyeing everything in sight. In general, I find that DIY projects for home decor tend to look too crafty and not something I actually want to live with, but everything she created was a work of art and tempted me to think I could do the same.

anna joyce studio 9

A good life motto:
anna joyce studio 10 anna joyce studio 11

These are her pretty necklaces that she dyes and paints and sells from her shop.anna joyce studio 13 anna joyce studio 14

Thanks Anna for letting us visit your wondrous studio!

Visit Anna Joyce here

Buy Stamp Stencil Paint here



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