Amanda Jane Jones joins the Lars Print Shop!

We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome graphic designer and author, Amanda Jane Jones to the Lars Print Shop! A few months back, Amanda was looking for a home for her new collection of prints that are inspired by her new book co-authored by her husband, Cree, Yum, Yummy, Yuck. I didn’t have to think twice about it. I knew that we wanted, no needed those beautiful prints of Amanda’s in our shop. So I reached out and awaited her response with butterflies in the tum tum. She got back to me, and as you may be able to tell the response was “Yes!” and so we set her shop in motion!

This is Amanda’s first line of illustrative prints and she is “over the moon excited with how they turned out” as are we! The pieces were designed with versatility in mind, they are fun and bright enough to be in a child’s room, but also bold and graphic enough to be on the mantle in your living room. They are the perfect pop of color for any room in the house! From children to adults these are fitting for everyone!

I’ve been a big AJJ admirer for awhile now both in how she lives her life and her talent. We both lived in NYC at the same time followed by her asking me to contribute an illustration to the first issue of Kinfolk Magazine, of which she is a co-founder. She has a meticulously trained eye that comes through in her work and home. On top of that, and I’ve experienced it first hand when she and Cree came to stay with Paul and me in Copenhagen, she is kind and oozes a shining bright light. I’ve long admired the way that she and Cree have cultivated a nurturing relationship and now even more so with their three children. I’m so glad we all get to have a little more AJJ in our lives and homes!

Amanda’s collection is composed of 6 beautiful prints and I would like to take a little time to get you acquainted with each print so you know exactly which one (or maybe even all of them!) it is that you need in your home! Without further ado, may I present you Amanda Janes Jones’ Yum, Yummy, Yuck line hosted by the Lars Print Shop.

The Prints


Apple is my personal favorite and my preferred color combination of the bunch (but aren’t they all so good!). It even comes as a sweatshirt set for kids and adults over at Winter Water Factory. I LOVE this giant sized frame the most! It’s the 24×36″.


I always love a spot of yellow and this banana print is top dog. This is the 16×20″ in the natural wood.


You know we love cherries around here (proof!) and this print is perfect! Amanda Jane Jones for Lars Print Shop

Ice Cream 

You can never have enough.

Pear and Ice Cream 


Love the pop of color it adds to a room!

A little more about Yum, Yummy, Yuck. 

It has always been Amanda’s dream to write and illustrate a children’s book, AND creating the book with her husband was “even more fun!”. The evolution of Amanda’s book took place once her kids were all tucked in and she wasn’t too tuckered out from the many tasks and chores of the day. Mom chores, designing, writing and illustrating…makes me sleepy just thinking about it!

The idea for the book stemmed from Amanda’s children having a hard time understanding what was yucky and what was yummy. So, she set out to create a book that would help not only her children but others as well learn what falls into the categories of Yum, Yummy, and Yuck! The whimsical aesthetic makes the book even more appealing! I know Jasper is going to glean a lot from this book, seeing as we have officially entering into the nose picking phase. Bring on the yuck!

Luckily there’s no yuck in these prints. They’re all completely “Yum” and would look pretty yum! in each of your homes! The prints are available as both downloads (for at home printing) and framing though our framing services!

For more product details see our shop! And watch out on our Instagram where we will be doing a giveaway with Amanda and Winter Water Factory.

And can’t wait to see how you style your prints. Tag us with #LarsPrintShop so we can take a look! 


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