Brittany’s Wish List

Brittany's wish list

Did you ever write Santa a letter letting him know you’ve been good? Followed, of course, by the long list of toys you hoped would appear on Christmas day as rewards for said good behavior. You’d send it off to the North Pole, very confident you’d see being seeing those gifts soon under the tree. Don’t you wish it still worked that way? I know I do. So instead I’m letting you all know that I’ve been really good this year in case you want to reward me! HA! Just kidding. I do still enjoy compiling wish lists… or pinterest boards… of lovely and beautiful things to inspire and swoon over. I figured I’d share all the pretties with you in case you need some gift ideas for others! Or a little reward for yourself for being good this year 😉 Take a look!

Rose Gold Bryr Clog

  1. Rose Gold Clogs:

I’ve recently shared my love of Bryr Clogs with you when they sent me the most amazing customized clogs! Well, I’m dying over these gorgeous rose gold ones that would be perfect for spring and summer!

Brittany's wish list

2. Petal Pusher Wallpaper from Kate Zaremba:

This is such a happy print and makes me think I’m riding a bike through the tulip fields in Holland! Added bonus: It’s removable! You simply wet the paper and stick! Walls, draw liners, refrigerators, the possibilities are endless!

Brittany's wish list

3. Paper Fan from Huset (my favorite source for all things Scandinavian right here in USA!):

Lately I’ve been obsessed with the yellow-pink color combination and this paper fan is not only a beautiful execution that color pairing, but gorgeous paper folding as well!

brittany's wish list

4. Patchouli and Clove Candle from Gorman

To me, candles are not an optional addition to a home, they are are an essential! Ask any Scandinavian, they LOVE they’re candles. This one has the prettiest packaging and would smell so warm and cozy for the winter months.

Brittany's wish list

5. Peony Socks

The peony is one of the most feminine looking flowers and they smell like pure heaven. So what better flower to put on your toes! Yes, they may not make your feet smell like peonies (one can dream), but they’ll sure look lovely!

Brittany's wish list

6. Flowers Coloring Book

If you’re a coloring enthusiast and a lover of botanicals, our Flowers Coloring Book is ideal for you or your gal pals! Filled with 10 different flowers and various designs, it’s the perfect thing for relaxing and relieving some stress.

Brittany's Wish list

7. Dots Tea Towel Set from Huset

Are these not the prettiest colored tea towels? Sometimes I opt to hand wash and dry the dishes because I find it so relaxing and these would certainly make the process that much more enjoyable.


bando mega blooms tote

8. Mega Blooms Tote Bag:

I am all about a large bag that I can stuff all of my things into! Remember my pink Lands’ End bag? This one is in a fun floral print and would be perfect for taking to the grocery store, holding craft supplies, and sneaking plenty of snacks into the movie theater!

Brittany's wish list

9. Ferragamo Sunglasses from Eyconic:

I have quite the appreciation for beautiful and unique sunglasses and this plum and ivory color-blocked pair is so chic! And sunglasses are a year-round accessory which pretty much makes them a necessity. Simple logic.

Brittany's Wish List

10. Studio Arhoj Winter Bowls from Huset:

I love the organic quality of these bowls, not to mention the beautiful icy blue color. The higher edges of the classic Japanese design keep contents warm, which is great for my bowls of rice pudding on cold winter nights! They’re from Studio Arhoj and come in various colors. No two of them are alike.

Brittany's Wish List

11. Garden Gnomes Scarf:

If you frequently watch my insta-stories, you’ll know that I love to have a scarf wrapped around my neck. They make the sweetest addition to an outfit. This Gnome scarf is so whimsical and bright, I absolutely love it! Poppies, cats, and gnomes oh my!

Brittany's wish list

12. Elko Dress:

Again with the color palette! Shapeless dresses are my jam and this pattern is bold but feminine at the same time. Love the sash at the waist too. Cassandra Byrnes’ works is blowing my mind right now!

Brittany's Wish list

13. Gold Scissors by Hay from Huset: 

We are always in need of more scissors at the Lars Studio. Honestly, we lose them like socks over here! If I had these beauties though, I would make sure never to lose them!

Brittany's wish list

14. Anna Joyce Necklace: 

I don’t often wear jewelry but these hand-painted colorful and patterned wooden beads are too cute to pass up. It would go with anything and I’m all about supporting handmade goods.

Brittany's Wish List

15. Cactus Coloring Book

Did you miss our Cactus Coloring book extravaganza with Alana Jones-Mann? Never fear, you can still get a coloring book and learn how to make the cutest cactus cupcakes with the video we created! The coloring book is the perfect gift for you desert goddesses!
Brittany's Wish List

16. Vanity Art Print  by Danielle Kroll

This print would be perfect for a girls room or any space that needs a bit of hollywood glamour. Sometimes I secretly wish I could have lived in the roaring 20s’. Or at least to own a clam shell compact mirror.

Brittany's Wish List17. Lars Marble Wrapping Paper

We loved collaborating with Alexis Mattox Design to create this marbled wrapping paper in candy colors! Whether you get it in time for your wrapping on Christmas Eve or as an actual gift, you can’t go wrong!

Brittany's Wish List

18. Lars Flowers Wrapping Paper

You can never have too much wrapping paper! We love how Stephanie Nielson of Nienie Dialogues used the Flowers wrapping paper as shelf liners. So many uses!

Velvet Anthropology Chair19. Velvet Rivona Chair in Blossom:

Midcentury modern design, velvet upholstery, in the perfect pinky color? What more could you want in a chair?! It looks so classy but also like the most comfortable thing to curl up into with a good book.

Brittany's wish list

20. Rose Phone Case

Are you familiar with Cath Kidston? She is one of the many reasons I love London; her designs are impeccable! My current phone case has seen better days and I’m itching to get this one giant rose one!

Brittany's Wish list

21. Hyphen Mattress 

I’m a big believer in a good night’s sleep and if you aren’t getting one, now is the time to buy a mattress. Just put it on your list! Mattresses are cheaper than ever now! None of that 4-hours-a-day-if-I-can-fit-it-in-business. I need 8 full hours! Paul and I have different preferences when it comes to our firmness, but this mattress manages to please both of us! Lets just call it a miracle mattress. Hyphen Foam is custom-formulated to address the drawbacks of memory foam and latex and provides a superior sleep experience. Hyphen Foam is the culmination of more than 70 years of mattress manufacturing experience and is available exclusively in Hyphen mattresses.

Brittany's Wish List

22. Shearwater Buckle Boots

Dressing for the winter can be a bit tough for me since I’d prefer to always be in a dress, but these boots are not only cute, but would keep my toes nice and cozy when I’m just wearing tights!


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