Holiday Napkin Folding

Remember the Thanksgiving napkin tutorial we did a few weeks ago? Well, we decided it was equally important to have adorable napkins appropriate for all you Christmas festivities! There is certainly no shortage of parties during the month of December – it almost seems like there is not enough time to fit them all in. Anyone relate? Nevertheless, I love throwing dinner parties and pulling out all the stops. I’m a firm believer that it is the little things and attention to detail that can really make something magical – Even if that means napkins! And have you noticed that there are now some adorable paper napkin options? If you want to step it up a notch, we love these, these, and these! Here are six holiday napkin folding tutorials to elevate your Christmas place settings one napkin at a time!

Holiday Napkin Folding

  1. The simplest and sweetest! All you do is accordion fold a napkin and pinch in the center and you’ve got yourself a bow!

Holiday Napkin Folding

2. I love the look of this lush little flower! You can even fill these with little treats, mints, etc. Tutorial found here. 

Holiday Napkin Folding

3. The classic Christmas Tree is always a good option. Tutorial found here. 

Holiday Napkin Folding

4. Swans are always so elegant looking and would be great for a fancier event this season. Tutorial found here. 

Holiday Napkin Folding

5. Aren’t these elf shoes so fun! I can just imagine how much little kids would love these! Tutorial found here.

Holiday Napkin Folding

6. Stars are certainly a symbol of the season and upgrade a simply table setting to something special. Tutorial found here. 

Holiday Napkin Folding

Guide to Christmas napkin folding Napkins have never looked cuter! Happy Holiday Napkin Folding!

Photography by Anna Killian and Crafting by Kara Schmidt  |  Illustration by Katie Nuckols 



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