Guide to Thanksgiving Napkin Folding

With Thanksgiving approaching, we want to make sure your table is as beautiful as possible. We’ve got a guide to Thanksgiving napkin folding so that you can impress your dinner guests this holiday season!

Read below to learn how to make festive shapes including maple leaves and turkeys! We also have some other fun Thanksgiving ideas linked below!


Table settings are an essential part of any dinner gathering, particularly the most anticipated meal of the season: Thanksgiving! With all the turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, rolls, pies, etc., things are bound to get a little messy. Needless to say, napkins are necessary. Especially for one who always seems to end up with a jam smear on her blouse… what’s a girl to do?

Anyway, it is time to step up our Thanksgiving napkin folding game and (attempt) to banish all spills and splotches! We’ve chosen six festive designs to DIY: 1) Boat, 2) Maple leaf, 3) Turkey, 4) Crown, 5) Leaf, and 6) Pumpkin.  These will put the finishing touch on your Thanksgiving spread and even impress your mother-in-law with the ever-critical eye!

Our favorite napkin colors for this project are linked HERE!

Maple Leaf

A bit difficult but adorable! Tutorial found here

fun napkin folds for the holidays


You start with a rectangle with this one, so cut your napkin if necessary. Tutorial found here

fun napkin folds for the holidays


Such a cutie pie! Tutorial found here

fun napkin folds for the holidays

Pumpkin Napkin Folding

A small leaf on top would look great on this one. Tutorial found here

fun napkin folds for the holidays


Love how striking this one is. Tutorial found here

fun napkin folds for the holidays


We made a simplified version of the bishop’s hat. Tutorial found here 

fun napkin folds for the holidays



Crafting by Kara Schmidt  |  Photography by Anna Killian 

Now you can decorate your table with so many fun shapes!

Thanksgiving Decorations and Crafts

Your plates will be looking elegant with this guide to Thanksgiving napkin folding, but what about the rest of the table? There are so many different ways you can go! As an homage to the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade, decorate your table with your own mini version. See the details here. For colorful Thanksgiving decorations, check out these rainbow paper pumpkins to place throughout the table. And now that you’ve mastered the napkin folding, you’ll ace the shapes for this origami cornucopia!

Thanksgiving isn’t complete without pie! Try out these 3 unique pie crust decorating ideas.  And for the leftovers, be sure to use these Friendsgiving printables! And why not start a new holiday tradition with friends and family by creating fun hats?! Between the napkin folding, decor, and creative hat tradition, your gathering will surely be a hit!


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