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Rainbow Paper Pumpkin Tablescape

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  • Debra Stringer says

    Looks like the leaf template link is missing! Poor little pumpkins need their leaves! Thanks.

    Also, wouldn’t it be easier to add the leaf before curling the stem? Just a thought….

    • Becca Hansen says

      Apologies, somehow the link got deleted–it’s fixed now! And that’s a good point! It’s not too difficult to attach either way, so whichever method you prefer!

  • stephanie engle says

    I make these every year with my Pre-K class for Thanksgiving. I write on each strip something the child is thankful for. We use paper fasteners or brads instead of wire to make it easy for the kids! They are adorable, especially because sometimes the kids are thankful for very funny things!

  • Deborah Shearer says

    So cute! I just bought the leaf template, but the leaf pattern doesn’t look like the ones you used here. Also, it looks like you used multiple leaf shapes? How do I get those? Thank you!