3D Paper Flower Gift Toppers

3D Paper flower gift toppers

Do you remember those paint-by-number kits? They were the best thing! I’m talking about the ones you did in grade school: primary colors, big shapes, etc.. Adult paint by number kits are a whole other ball game! The intricacy of those pieces blows my mind! If you’re an avid paint-by-number painter, I applaud you and your patience.

These 3D paper flower gift toppers were inspired by (the simpler) paint-by-number kits,┬ájust freshened up a bit! I love color blocking and a never say no to a pop of neon. Does anyone tire of neon colors? These flowers are the perfect thing to adorn a gift. Secure with a cute piece of washi tape, we’d recommend neon of course, and you’re good to go! It may not be quite warm enough for real flowers to bloom, but these 3D paper flower gift toppers will tie you over for a few more weeks!

Instructions after the jump!

3D Paper flower gift toppers

3D Paper flower gift toppers

3D Paper Flower Gift Toppers


  • Cardstock in pinks, corals, neon, and greens
  • Scissors
  • Photo lifts (foam pieces to add dimension)
  • Glue stick
  • Templates, HERE


  1. Cut out the petal and leaf shapes
  2. Using a glue stick and photo lifts, put the flower and leaves together. The foam squares provide the 3D look.
  3. Secure to a gift or card with washi tape!

3D Paper flower gift toppers

3D Paper flower gift toppers

Wrapping paper from Knot and Bow

Photography by Anna Killian | Crafting by Rebecca Young



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