DIY Paper Rainbow Brooch


You know how you’re supposed to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day? Pink on Valentine’s Day? Orange on Halloween? The list goes on and on. Well, when are we supposed to wear rainbows? ALL THE TIME. I understand that it can be a bit difficult to wear a complete rainbow in one outfit. Unless you have this dress. In which case I am extremely jealous. But, for situations that a stunning, very expensive, rainbow dress wouldn’t be acceptable, you can wear this DIY paper rainbow brooch! A tiny touch of rainbow that you can put on just about everything!

DIY Paper Rainbow Brooch

DIY Paper Rainbow Brooch

DIY Paper Rainbow Brooch


  • Cardstock in lilac, light green, yellow, and peach
  • Scissors
  • Template, HERE
  • Paper mounts
  • Glue stick
  • Glue gun
  • Brooch backings, here


  1. Download the templates provided and cut the pieces out in the colored paper.
  2. Using a paper mount, adhere the green arch to the purple arch, alining the bottom edges.
  3. With a glue stick, glue the yellow arch to the green arch.
  4. Using another paper mount, adhere the pink arch to the yellow arch.
  5. With a glue gun, glue the brooch back to the back of the rainbow.

DIY Paper Rainbow Brooch

DIY Paper Rainbow Brooch

Photography by Anna Killian | Crafting by Rebecca Young


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