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Photo Styling

I’ve been feeling especially grateful these past few weeks. We’ve had a lot going on over here at Lars (all good stuff!), and with all the chaos and stress, my emotions have been running high. Anyone relate? I am so lucky I am to be a part of such a talented community of people. There is so much goodness in this world and we need one another to keep afloat on this crazy journey! I’ve had many opportunities to learn and grow from amazing people. Isn’t it the most wonderful feeling to be around people that inspire you and recharge your batteries? So lets join forces and share the love!

Photo Styling

I’ve decided I want to help spread that inspiration even more by better utilizing my resources. Zeqr is a new platform aimed at making it easy to share and exchange knowledge online. I’m working with them to help kick-start the creation of a global community of artists, bloggers, small business owners, and creatives in which they can interact in a personal way. You can connect through live sessions with experts that will teach you any skill imaginable! How amazing is that?

So, I’ll be offering three one-to-one 45-minute sessions through Zeqr where I’ll be teaching a class on how to style your photoshoots! In the first 20 minutes of our live-video session, we will cover the how to’s of styling a photo shoot. Styling can either make or break a product or idea. The art of deliberately arranging objects to create a specific feel for the intended audience is an essential component to successful pictures. It requires thought, preparation, and a knowledge of basic design elements. I will walk you through step-by-step to achieve the best possible visual!

In the last 25 minutes of our session, I’ll let you direct our conversation through Q&A. I’ve been successfully growing both my design business and my social media platforms for 8 years. I’d love to help you identify and cross the hurdles you face on your own trajectory. We can focus on technical topics (such as the how to’s of different design elements), or we can focus on business topics (such as how to start a blog, how to grow your social media presence, how to collaborate with brands, etc.)

I may even throw in a little recorder playing if you’re lucky 😉

To have a chance of accessing an exclusive, one-on-one Zeqr session with me, head to www.zeqr.com. Then register for a Zeqr account and find Brittany under search class. Simply hit ’Contact Xpert’ and submit a short explanation of why you would most benefit from a session with me. Three people will then be selected. Those chosen will be contacted directly within seven working days to arrange their individual session. Registration will be live from Wed. February 1st through Wed. February 8th and then we will schedule appointments for the week of February 13th.

Run don’t walk! I’m giddy just thinking about meeting you lovely people!

Photo Styling

Photo Styling

This post is sponsored by Zeqr, however all content in this post represents my own opinions. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Lars thriving!

Photography by Anna Killian


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