Lars’ Favorite Neck Scarfs

I’ve received many a request to do a roundup of my favorite neck scarfs/neckties/neckerchiefs, so I’ve scavenged the internet to find Lars’ Favorite Neck Scarfs! Neck scarfs are a great addition to any outfit, adding a pop of color, a splash of pattern, or a quirky touch. If you’re feeling hesitant about the trend, just grab an old bandana and give that a go! On the other hand, this is such a simple way to up your wardrobe game and try something new so just tie one on!

Above Scarf: Black and white dot scarf from Bando Love the graphic feel!

Continue to see all of Lars’ favorite neck scarfs! 

Lars’ Favorite Neck Scarfs

1. Cotton Garden Bandana: The rich colors in this one are so dreamy

Lars Favorite Neck Scarfs

2. Good Luck Bandana from Bando : I’m always a big fan of hand motifs!

Lars Favorite Neck Scarfs

3. Do more of what makes you happy from Bando: This reminds me of some of my favorite Marimekko patterns

4. Topanga Bandana: Great blend of pattern and the tassels are a fun touch

Lars Favorite Neck Scarfs

5. Shibori Indigo Dyed Bandana (There are tons of different versions too and they’re all handmade!!)

Lars Favorite Neck Scarfs

6. New Flora Fouland Scarf: This floral print is SO PRETTY I can hardly stand it!

7. Le Jardin Square Silk Scarf: I love the warm colors of this one with such a happy flower print

9. Well Worn Bandana: I love the chambray look this one has Lars Favorite Neck Scarfs

10. Summer Breeze Bandana: Yes, that is a zebra peeking out in the center! Lars Favorite Neck Scarfs11. Tropical coral handkerchief from madewell12. Egyptian gold from Madewell13. Lemon print bandana from J.Crew


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