Rickrack Blouse Three Ways

Ric Rac blouseHave you noticed that rickrack has seen a bit of a resurgence? You know, the zig zag ribbon that you’d often see on little girls dresses in the 90’s? Its hay day was in the 70’s when mod little dresses were adorned with loads of rickrack in punchy primary colors. You would see it on the hems of dresses, skirts, and aprons, as well as on sleeves, waistbands, and collars! I have a few vintage aprons from my grandmother with rickrack that I adore! When I began to see it more and more places, I couldn’t have been happier. It adds a fun kitschy touch to whatever it’s applied to.

To show just how much we love it, we’re showing you how to make a rickrack blouse three ways! We added it to the button band, the collar, and to various seams. Pick a blouse in need of a pick-me-up and add some rickrack to do the job!

Check out all the different options!

Ric Rac blouse

Ric Rac blouse

Pink Rickrack Blouse

With the pink blouse, we chose a deep orange rickrack to apply to the button band. The sleeves already make such a statement that we wanted to keep the rickrack pretty minimal. Tucked into some high-waisted culottes, you’ve got a statement outfit!

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Ric Rac blouse

**There are so many color varieties of rickrack available. Large craft and fabric stores will carry the basics. However, make sure to check out smaller fabric and notion shops, scour the internet, and visit vintage shops. Chances are you’ll find some treasures!

Ric Rac blouse Ric Rac blouse

Blue Striped Rickrack Blouse

With the blue blouse, we followed the deep V seamlines and applied red and white rickrack to accentuate that detail. In some cases, more is more, and we love the way this blouse came out!

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Ric Rac blouse

Ric Rac blouse

Ric Rac blouse

Ric Rac blouse

White Rickrack Blouse

With the white blouse, we applied light blue rickrack to the collar, just so one edged peeked out from under the seam. We also put some along the seam above the peplum. This is such an easy way to jazz up a plain button down!

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Ric Rac blouse

Ric Rac blouse


  • Blouse of choice to adorn
  • Rickrack of choice
  • Matching thread
  • Straight pins
  • Sewing machine


  1. Identify where you’d like to add the rickrack to your blouse.
  2. Pin rickrack in place in a few areas, ensuring a straight line.
  3. Sew straight down the middle of the rickrack to secure.

Photography by Anna Killian | Crafting by Rebecca Hansen


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