One Room Challenge Week 3 featuring: The Mine, Article, Bellecor, Hayneedle, and Annie Selke

One Room Challenge Week 3The fact that it’s already week 3 in the One Room Challenge is making me feel equal parts excited and terrified! We still have so much to do! However, everything is in the works and I can say with full confidence that this office space is going to be amazing. It’s taken awhile to get a firm plan of action, so many decisions! But, we’ve finally gotten a handle on the overall design. Our color palette has shifted a bit from our last post (see Week 2, HERE) and it is going to be quite dramatic, especially when compared to where we started (see Week 1, HERE). We’re all about making an impact here!

Check out all the components and get a peek inside our design process!

One Room Challenge Week 3

Shop the look:

1. Aged Brass One-light Floor Lamp from Bellecor 1. Crofton Antique Gold Mirror from Bellecor 2. L-Shaped Desk from Hayneedle 3. Costal Living Bookcase from The Mine 4. Princeton Lateral File Cabinet from The Mine 5. Velvet Matrix Chair from Article 6. Aged Brass one-light Lamp from Bellecor 7. Round Gold Mirror from Bellecor 8. Antique Brass One-Light Lamp from Bellecor 9. Monarch Office Desk from The Mine 10. Dash and Albert Kenzie Wool Woven Rug from Annie Selke 11. Aluminum Office Chair from Hayneedle

One Room Challenge Week 3

Our bold color palette (stay tuned!), informed our furniture and accessory choices. With a darker color palette, we wanted to make sure our furniture and accessories were bright and lightened up the space. So we chose crisp white desks, shelves, and office chairs to do the trick.

I always say that a room needs three light sources: Natural lighting from windows, overhead lighting (in the works), and lamps! We chose a few brass and aged lamps to provide warmth. For additional warmth and texture, we choose a fluffy rug and a velvet armchair. These two pieces will really soften the whole room.

There are typically two staff members that work in this office. We need to create two separate workspaces, one for each employee. In addition, the desks needed to have storage space. So we chose desks with drawers to provide some built-in organization. We also needed some shelves for additional storage: printers, files, etc.. As an office where people are constantly coming in and out for meetings and such, we wanted to ensure that the space was very clean and well organized. Everything needs a place to keep clutter at bay.

Stay tuned for next week when we start to reveal some exciting process pictures!


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