Gifts for $25 and under

Gifts for $25 and under

Are you in holiday mode yet? We are pushing full steam ahead! There are things to be made! Decor to be added and? Gifts to be bought! We’re doing 3 gift guides this year for every budget starting with gifts for $25 and under, perfect for so many different friends and family and co-workers in your life. Take a peek below!


  1. Scandinavian designs coloring book by Molly Hatch $8
  2. Color block memo pad by Moglea. $14
  3. Bob Ross chia head. Ba ha ha ha ha! $24
  4. Brass ruler. I love nice office supplies so much. It just makes bill paying so much brighter, no? $10
  5. Rainbow playing cards. Because everyone deserves a colorful hand of cards. $13
  6. Brass clips. Because you need brass to tag your important documents. I spent a good deal of time trying to locate them in the US and turns out, you can find them on Amazon. Score! $10
  7. In the Garden of My Dreams. Nathalie L’ete is my favorite illustrator and she has a new beautiful book out about her work. And it’s got a satin cover so it’s like wearing pjs in bed. $24
  8. I’ve Been to Paris passport holder. Te he he. Just find it funny, even if you haven’t been to Paris. $24
  9. Color block pens.$14
  10. Pair of long taper candles. These are amazing!!! $24
  11. Thanks! Merci! Takk! candle 19Euros
  12. This and That! Bits and Bobs pouches
  13. Painterly notepad $9
  14. Flower trinket dish
  15. Floral planner $24
  16. Market tote bag $10
  17. Soap by Lulie Wallace $12
  18. Floral socks from my favorite brand! $23
  19. Good Vibes ceramic tray from Jungalow $12

Happy shopping! 

Illustration by Danielle Kroll


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