How to Make Bias Tape

How to make Bias Tape

Did you know you can make your own bias tape? Do you know what bias tape is? Time for a mini sewing lesson! Bias tape is a piece of fabric but obliquely, or on the bias, used to bind edges or for decoration. Since the fabric is cut on the bias, it is very stretchy and flexible, so works well on curves. Quilt binding is one of the most common used for bias tape. However, there are plenty of out-of-the-box uses for bias tape, (Hint hint!) that make this a handy skill to have! So we’re showing you how to make bias tape! Of course, you can find pre-made bias tape at your local fabric store, but the fabrics are below average quality and the color variety is slim-pickings. With just a few tools, you can make oodles of bias tape in whatever fabric you like.

Let’s get down to bias tape making business!

How to make Bias Tape

How to Make Bias Tape:


  • Cotton, linen, or any thin woven fabric of your choice
  • Rotary cutter, or scissors
  • Cutting Mat
  • Iron
  • Bias tape maker (found at your local fabric store for a few bucks!)

How to make Bias Tape


The width of bias tape maker you purchase will determine the width of the fabric strips you cut. Bias tape ends up being 4 times smaller than the original strip because it’s folded in half twice during application. So a 1-inch bias tape maker requires a 2-inch wide strip of fabric and results in 1/2-inch thick binding.


  1. Square off your fabric but putting it on grain, and tearing the sides.
  2. Cut strips of fabric on the bias, meaning at a 45-degree angle from the selvage
  3. Once you have your strips, you can sew them together if you need longer pieces of bias tape. If not, skip steps 4-6.
  4. Position and pin bias strips perpendicular to each other with right sides together and raw edges aligned.
  5. Draw a diagonal line on top bias strip from top left to bottom right, and sew along this line.
  6. Trim seam allowance to 1/4″ and press open.
  7. Then push through a bias tape maker. This will fold the two sides of the fabric in toward one another.
  8. As the bias tape emerges, iron down the folds to keep them in place.
  9. If you are planning on using this as binding, fold the bias tape in half and iron again.

How to make Bias Tape

Photography by Jane Merritt



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