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Two Easy Quilt Hacks

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  • CJ says

    I love these fabrics! A few things of note though for folks wanting to make these quilts: you need to tie the yard close together or the batting will start to shred after only a few washes. Same goes with the retro flower quilt. Pay attention to the stitch width guidance your batting has on the bag. when in doubt stitch or tie no more than a fist width apart. This will help keep your quilt layers secure for years to come. How do I know this? I’m a professional quilter.

    • Hi sorry but I do not understand number 2 and 3 on the retro flower quilt I instructions. I am new to quilting. Can you help further please says

      Hi sorry but I do not understand instructions 2 and 3 in retro floral quilt. I am new to quilting. Can you please explain further