Royal Wedding Mood Board

Royal Wedding Mood Board-2866

Was anyone else inspired by the Royal Wedding this past weekend? Honestly, I’m sad it’s over! We won’t have another royal wedding for a long time! Although there were elements of the wedding I would have altered (not about the small bouquet trend–more is more!), I thought it was breathtaking in its entirety! To keep the fun going a little bit longer, we put together a Royal Wedding Mood Board inspired by the special day of the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Aubrey Hepburn, lush foliage and English Gardens, and a muted palette create a beautifully timeless wedding. We also put together a lookbook for the wedding, complete with everything you need to put together a royal-inspired wedding! What was your favorite part of the wedding? We want to know!

Shop all the elements of the Royal Wedding!

Royal Wedding Mood Board-2866

Our favorite part of the wedding had to be the amazing floral arches outside St. George Chapel. They were to die for! Did you hear that Meghan and her mother went to check on the progress beforehand and requested a ton more flowers be brought it because it wasn’t looking full enough? A girl after my own heart! Though the florals were certainly abundant, everything else about the day remained a bit restrained. Her dress was far more simple and streamlined than many anticipated, but still stunning. Personally, I loved her reception dress far more than the wedding gown. Thoughts?

Shop the royal wedding

Shop the Royal Wedding!

  1. Invitation Suite
  2. Essie Nail Polish in Ballet Slippers
  3. Reception Dress another beautiful option Here
  4. Wedding Gown
  5. Wedding Ring
  6. Diamond Bracelet
  7. Aquamarine Reception Ring
  8. Reception Shoes
  9. Wedding Diamond Studs
  10. Chantilly lace veil
  11. Reception earrings
  12. Wedding Shoes

Royal Wedding Mood Board-2866

You can also check out our New Shop to purchase Royal Wedding Memorabilia pictured here! You’ll find mugs, stationery, and art prints!

Royal Wedding Mood Board-2866

Royal Wedding Mood Board-2866

Photography by Jane Merritt


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