How to Turn Fabric into Vinyl

Fabric into Vinyl

I hunted religiously for a changing basket I loved and found it with this one from Design Dua. It’s so beautiful! It came with a little muslin liner with a zipper over some foam and of course, Baby J was like “I want to get my bodily fluids all over that thing!” I washed the liner and attempted to put it back on when I realized that it’s not really a liner meant for constantly taking on and off. So, I started to think of liners that I could make myself. After an unsuccessful attempt to find some cute oil cloth patterns to create a custom changing basket cover, I knew we had to get creative. I did some homework and came across a product that essentially allows you to laminate fabric. You take any woven cotton fabric and some iron-on vinyl, add some heat, and you’ve got a wipeable, easily cleanable material! We made a liner to fit perfectly into the changing basket in Jasper’s room and it’s made such a difference! Using this material has gotten my wheels turning. This isn’t even a sponsored post, folks! I’m just genuinely stoked! I’m thinking about making custom placemats and a sweet zipper pouch next! Anyone else ever used this miracle worker?

Continue to see how we turned Fabric into vinyl! 

Fabric into Vinyl

Fabric into Vinyl

How to Turn Fabric into Vinyl


  • A woven fabric (you could possibly use a knit, but I’d do some more research beforehand)
  • Iron-on Vinyl material
  • Iron
  • Scissors

Fabric into Vinyl


  1. Cut out your piece of fabric in your desired size and shape
  2. To apply the vinyl material, press your fabric with the iron so that it is warm to the touch.
  3. Then lay the vinyl material over your fabric sticky side down, making sure the vinyl goes past the edges.
  4. Cover with a press cloth or another piece of fabric and iron the vinyl to the right side of your fabric.
  5. Make sure your iron is to a high enough setting so that the vinyl melts in place and doesn’t flip up on the edges.
  6. Once your fabric is covered with the vinyl, trim the excess vinyl off around the edges.
  7. You can leave the edge as is, or you can sew a zig-zag stitch or serge around the edges.
  8. Voila! You no longer have to worry about stains or laundry!

Fabric into Vinyl


Fabric into VinylDIY Fabric into Vinyl

Photos by Jane Merritt


  1. Oh hello, this is a great idea! I think I’ll be using this method to make some outdoor garden table placemats and coasters for the summer… 🙂

    • We used a roll from Husqvarna Viking Sewing Gallery. They have centers in some Joann’s stores. But there are a few different brands that I have heard work great!


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