Small Space: Kitchen Renovation

This kitchen renovation has been a long time coming. We have a very small kitchen with pretty poor lighting. It always seemed a little sad and drab. A huge part of the problem was our metal, mini-blinds. Yes, like the ones in a college dorm room. They were very fragile, difficult to work with, and cheapened the whole space. Luckily, came to my rescue! Our new blinds elevate the space, keep a clean look, and a perfect for our small windows. You can bet I’ll be spending more time in the kitchen now.

Read on to see which product we used and get a discount code!

If you recall, this kitchen renovation has been a step-by-step process. Here’s a photographic timeline of the transformation from when we moved in 5 years ago until now. The kitchen is tucked into the corner of our house where there’s only late afternoon light. When we first arrived, it had natural wood cabinets, laminate counters, laminate flooring, fluorescent lighting, and metal mini blinds. It was clean and functional so it was just fine.

One time we came home from a week long trip and found that our landlord had secretly painted the cabinets white while we were gone. It’s crazy how much of a difference this made!

Then last fall we got new flooring and once again we felt our mood lift. The difference was drastic! A couple of months ago we painted the cabinets and it went from boring to a little bit more style and now with our new blinds we are feeling the light! And it feels GOOD!

We chose the 2”Signature Wood Blinds in White and I’m in love with them! I also chose to include the cloth tapes in white which gives a very classy look to the blinds. They keep the room light and airy and are a cinch to control. We used to not even raise our old blinds because they were such a pain to maneuver. Now we constantly have light flooding in which is such a game changer! With such a small kitchen, we need all the natural lighting we can get.

I love because you’re getting amazing quality for such a great price. And you’re in luck, because is offering 20% your entire order with the code LARS. Just place your order before 8/31 to cash in!

Stay tuned until next week when we go into more depth of all the changes we made and where to go to do it If you live in a basement apartment, have a small kitchen, or suffer from a lack of natural lighting, we’ve got some tips for you!

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  1. Oh my gosh GORGEOUS! The blinds look so classy. I can’t wait to hear about that backsplash! This looks amazing, but of course I’m not surprised. Everything you touch turns to gold!


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