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Custom pillows and DIY lampshade

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  • Nicole says

    Love the lampshade! I’ve been wanting to do this with a thrifted lamp I bought a year ago. Do you have step by step pics? Pics of the materials? I’m not sure what you mean about adding the cotton twilling to the inside. Thanks!

  • Su says

    A note to the folks at Spoonflower – this reads as if it was written by a 12-years-old child. Do you have no proofreaders or editors? And WHO would put some countrified print with a mid-century lamp? Argh! Take me off your email list, please!

  • Tara says

    Sorry where are the photos with the lampshade tutorial? You mention you used a Sharpie but I don’t see any step by steps, and the link is only for use with the kit. I might be missing something . . .

  • Beth says

    Thank you so much for the lampshade tutorial. I’ve been wanting to try that and yours is the best description that I have read! It’s just lovely:)

  • Aleena says

    I love that lamp so much! Especially the base- it’s so hard for me to find lamps I like! Do you have any more details about the maker/designer? I know you posted a link for it, but since this post is a few years old it just pulls up a “product not available” page now.