Custom pillows and DIY lampshade

Custom Pillows with Roostery and SpoonflowerFor her BFA a number of years ago, my sister designed several textile designs and had them custom designed on the then new-to-me platform, Spoonflower. She then sewed pieces of clothing and had all the guests at her final show dress up in them. I was living in Denmark at the time so sadly, I was unable to experience the magic, but I’ve been told that it was indeed magic (You can see some of her work here). They had brought her designs to life.DIY lampshade with Spoonflower fabric

Spoonflower was the first platform I had heard of that offered the ability to create custom fabric from your own designs. I first heard about them while I was a graduate student in interior design and textile design. I ended up trying out a number of different patterns of my own designs over the years and being super pleased with it. Well, I hadn’t checked in with them in awhile and was super surprised to find out how much the platform had grown over the years. If you’re unfamiliar, on the platform, you can either design your own fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap and get it printed on a variety of fabric and paper OR you can sell your designs OR you can select from the other designer’s fabrics. And there are SO many great options to choose from!

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This time around, I was stoked to find out that they had a sister company called Roostery, where they take the designs from Spoonflower Marketplace and turn them into final products. So, if you’re not the DIY type or don’t want to look around for someone to help make them for you, you can still get some beautiful items made with your custom fabric. And it’s all at the click of a button. You can get curtains, duvets, pillows, wallpaper, tea towels, napkins…you name it.Custom Pillows with Roostery and Spoonflower

I’ve been wanting to find some throw pillows for my new living room set up (see the reveal here) and I had been looking everywhere for the right thing so when we partnered with Spoonflower, I was so relieved at the chance that I could find something that was juuuust right for the space. I ended up falling in love with the work of Holli Zollinger, who just so happens to be based out of Utah, just like us, and has a very prolific portfolio. Spoonflower has the option of creating a “collection” of fabrics and I basically gathered 5 pages of stuff I loved from her (I had to narrow down THIS list–ha!). I was going for a Scandinavian, fresh vibe. Her work has a tinge of boho and French too and has lots of texture to it. I decided to go with a green, pink, blue, cream, palette and gathered them all into this collection. The colors are so pretty!

Custom pillows from Roostery

I ended up going with a green leopard, called Petra Leopard, because I wanted to get in on the animal print trend, but couldn’t imagine going in the same palette. This one is SO pretty! I got two lumbars for each of my gold chairs.

You can find the product options for Petra Leopard on Roostery here. I ordered it in the Linen Cotton Canvas Ultra.Custom Pillows with Roostery and Spoonflower

I then paired up with Petra Leopard with a classic French blue ticking, which you can see here. I thought it was a nice contrast to the floral of the wallpaper going on in my living room.

I had the ticking turned into an 18×18” throw pillow on Roostery. I ordered it in the Linen Cotton Canvas Ultra.Custom Pillows with Roostery and Spoonflower

Next, I added in a pretty blush pink using Holli’s Playa Tribal stripe in pink. I have another wall in the same area painted pink (unpictured) so it ties that in nicely.

I had the blush pink turned into an 18×18” throw pillow on Roostery and ordered it in the Linen Cotton Canvas Ultra.

Custom Pillows with Roostery and Spoonflower

I added in some variety in with this Kalami Bouquet print in mustard. I wanted a floral print that would reflect the wallpaper but also be grounding and this one is so pretty with it.

I had this print turned into the Catalan 18×18” throw pillow on Roostery and ordered it in the Linen Cotton Canvas Ultra.

Custom Pillows with Roostery and Spoonflower

Lastly, I wanted another blue print so I went with this French boho print from Holli. It was the perfect amount of subtlety and intention.’

I had this print turned into the Catalan 18×18” throw pillow on Roostery and ordered it in the Linen Cotton Canvas Ultra.

DIY lampshade

In addition to my new custom pillows, which I love, I wanted to tie it in with a DIY lampshade. I fell in love with the Playa raindrops pattern from Holli and it tied in beautifully with my wallpaper–like peas and carrots! I’m stoked with how it turned out. Spoonflower has a tutorial on how to make a lampshade from scratch here using a kit, but I ended up using the plain white lampshade that I already had on my lamp and recovering it.


  • Fabric in your choice (about 1 yard depending on the size of the shade). I ordered it in the cotton poplin so it would be easier to work with.
  • Spray adhesive
  • ½” Cotton twilling
  • Pencil
  • Scissors or rotary cutter
  • Cutting mat
  • Cardboard
  • Glue gun
  1. With the fabric wrong side up, start by bring the lampshade on the side and finding where you want the design to be on the fabric. Then, trace it’s path on the fabric with a pencil (I did a Sharpie so it would be visible in photos for you, but don’t do it as it will seep through!)
  2. Leave ¾ of an inch on each side of the traced path and cut it out.
  3. Follow the instructions on your spray adhesive and spray the area in a well ventilated space.
  4. Attach the fabric on one end of the shade around to the end. At the end, fold the fabric over about a ½”, spray the end, and then attach securely.
  5. Carefully, fold the fabric around both ends of the lampshade, smoothing out any bubbles.
  6. To complete the look, use cotton twilling and glue it on the inside of the lampshade. This will help secure the fabric to the shade, while also allowing it to have a clean line once the light bulb is on and you can see everything!

DIY lampshade

DIY lampshade with Spoonflower fabric

Lamp base from here 

Spoonflower trends I’m digging

I was so stricken with Holli Zollinger’s work, but there really is a pot for every lid out there. Some of my favorite ways to find beautiful work is to search for a style that you’re looking for. I found some stunners searching for “modern farmhouse”. Here are some of my favorite Spoonflower trends going on right now.

  1. Welcome Pineapple in yellow by Vo_Aka_Virginiao
  2. Welcome Pineapple in blue by Vo_Aka_Virginiao
  3. Modern farmhouse tile MED scale (pink) by littlearrowdesign
  4. Double dash 2 – rust on white C18BS by littlearrowdesign
  5. Vintage moroccan (large scale) – bone and dark maple (90) by littlearrowdesign
  6. Double Dash green by littlearrowdesign
  7. Modern Prairie Diamonds by Allison Janssen
  8. Farmhouse stripes by Mel Fischer
  9. Sunflower bouquets by Allison_Janssen
  10. Abstraction Modern 2 by Muhlencott

Have you ever used Spoonflower? I’d love to hear about your experience. I’m pretty over-the-moon to have so many options at my fingertips and I’m looking forward to many more. What projects do you have in the works? Are there any projects you’d love to see from us?

Spoonflower is giving Lars readers 10% off your Spoonflower and Roostery orders with code Lars10 now until March 31, 2019.

This post is sponsored by Spoonflower. Thank you to our awesome brands who allow us to create beautiful content for you!


  1. A note to the folks at Spoonflower – this reads as if it was written by a 12-years-old child. Do you have no proofreaders or editors? And WHO would put some countrified print with a mid-century lamp? Argh! Take me off your email list, please!

  2. Sorry where are the photos with the lampshade tutorial? You mention you used a Sharpie but I don’t see any step by steps, and the link is only for use with the kit. I might be missing something . . .

  3. Thank you so much for the lampshade tutorial. I’ve been wanting to try that and yours is the best description that I have read! It’s just lovely:)

  4. I love that lamp so much! Especially the base- it’s so hard for me to find lamps I like! Do you have any more details about the maker/designer? I know you posted a link for it, but since this post is a few years old it just pulls up a “product not available” page now.


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