DIY apple basket valentines

We’ve had Tootsie Pops on the brain ever since our Valentine cherries–turns out they’re extremely versatile. This time, it’s harvest season and we’re going apple picking! But no good harvest collection is complete without Valentine-inspired baskets and a printable worm making his way into the apple love feast. Nom nom!

See below for the full tutorial!

Apple Tootsie Pop Valentines


  1. Start by spray painting the baskets in shades of reds and pinks and let them dry for 24 hours.
  2. Cut the leaves out of green cardstock
  3. Cut out small rectangle to act as the “stem”
  4. Cut the Tootsie Pop stem down to 1/4″
  5. Glue the stems to the stick and glue the leaves to the stem
  6. Cut the worms out leaving a 1/8″ space
  7. Fill the baskets with paper grass and fill with apples and a worm.

Some phrase ideas to write on your worms:

  • You are the apple of my eye
  • Out of all the apples in the orcahrd, I PICK YOU!
  • I couldn’t have PICKED a better friend
  • You’re apple-solutely awesome!
  • I love you to the CORE!
  • Of CORE-se you are my Valentine!
  • You’re hard CORE, Valentine
  • Apples are red, violets are blue, Happy Valentine’s Day, I PICK YOU!
  • …and they lived apple-y ever after
  • an apple a day won’t keep me away
  • Happy Valentine’s Day, home slice!

In addition to Valentines, these apple baskets would also be great for teacher gifts.

We’d love to see your creations! Tag us with #LarsLovesLove

Or if you don’t want to DIY, head on over to our Valentine Shop to get some related kits!


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