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Colorblock guest room makeover with Behr

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  • Nevada says

    Would you do this if you couldn’t paint the ceiling? I love the look of this, but with horrible white popcorn ceilings that we can’t paint over I’m worried it would look weird.

  • Vivien says

    STUNNING! Possibly one of the most gorgeous color blocking rooms I’ve ever seen!! What an incredible change from the before. Glorious! xo

  • Rata says

    I’m interested to understand how you finished the lines once you pulled up the tape please? I just love this!

  • Kylene says

    Hi Brittany! I love this idea and am trying to replicate for my own small home office. I am trying to lay out your plan and am a little confused, because it seems like there is an additional “pink/coral” color in the corner of the room/ceiling to the left of the window? From what I can gather you used priceless coral (window), plantain chip (above window and ceiling) pink Damaske (across the ceiling from right wall), and then tandoori (mid wall to ceiling on wall to left of window) but I can’t seem to tell is the corner pink color that connects the yellow and tandoori but is different than the pink Damaske? Did you have an additional pink/coral that you used there? I’m going crazy trying to figure it out comparing pictures and paint samples. Please help!