Help us select Mary’s new kitchen furniture!

Mary’s having a party and we need your help! You might remember the makeover we did on her kitchen a few weeks ago with the One Room Challenge.  Since then, it’s been begging to be shown off and what better way to celebrate then a food celebration with friends? But…we need your help! 

The dinner party allows Mary to show off her kitchen AND show off her Italian cooking skills. Her number one tool is her Bertazzoni range.  The Bertazzoni range has enough power to cook at a professional level while maintaining beautiful design in the kitchen. Her favorite feature is the smooth pull out baking rack in the oven.  It allows her to check her meringue pies without fear of them deflating. She also loves the turbo gas burner that boils water in record time! The Bertazzoni range gives her everything she needs to make a perfectly cooked meal!
Still as beautiful as ever, no? And now that she’s had a chance to use it, it’s way better than she ever dreamed it could be! Since the dust has settled and Mary has actually lived with her kitchen we’ve also tweaked a few things.

The dining chairs

Mary loved the leather texture chairs (see the originals here)  but they weren’t conducive to her nieces and nephews sticky PB&J hands.  She loved these Article Svelti Dining chairs and decided to make the switch! They kept the design sleek in the kitchen but still have maximum wipe ability for sticky jam hands! Here’s where we need your help.  Should she go with the pink or should she stick with a monochromatic green palette?

Here’s where she started: 

Now the question is, pink or green? 

It’s tough, right? I love nothing more than a good poll (I mean, what’s not to love, there’s not wrong answer!). Green or pink?

The Rug

The previous rug was great with the camel chairs but with the news chairs it also needed a bit of an update! Plus, she wanted something that really showcased her newly refinished hardwood floors.  This Ed by Ellen rug lightens up the floor and brings in a bit more texture. What do you think? Which rug should she choose?

We’d love to hear your thoughts? What is the one thing you would tweak in your house if you could?

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  1. All combinations are great, and this room makeover is stunning! Pink and green being my favourite colours, it’s hard to choose 🙂 But I think I like the pink version with light rug a little better. It brightens the room a bit more.

  2. Brittany, both green and pink kitchen furniture ideas are amazing. My vote is for pink and flat-weave rugs since they tend to be easier to clean than rugs with a higher pile.


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