The House That Lars Built for Mixbook travel book
The House That Lars Built for Mixbook travel book

Documenting our trip to Denmark with Mixbook and giveaway!

Thank goodness for our The House That Lars Built x Mixbook Collection because it’s put the fire in me to get photo books made! I’m so bad at getting stuff printed–you too? All my photos live on my phone! And I literally think every day how much I’d love to see them in a tangible format. Honestly, and not just because we have a collection with them, but they do make it so easy to make and design. Their software is pretty dreamy. AND, their quality is lovely.

With our travel collection, I made a photo book based on our trip to Denmark. I ordered the premium matte lay flat book because it’s great for little hands–think board book. The moment I got it I sat down with Jasper and walked him through the pictures and he ATE IT UP. I mean, he’s predominantly featured in our book because a) he’s adorable and b) you don’t have a baby and not feature them predominantly in your photo books so he LOVED looking at himself. We flipped through every page together and he pointed to mostly himself, but a few “da das” and “mamas” in there. We recreated the moment fo you so you can see how angelically he paid attention (note: although I’m joking, he did actually pay really close attention. Ha! It’s a testament to having pictures of yourself in a book format!)

The House That Lars Built for Mixbook travel book

He couldn’t WAIT to take it out of my perfectly placed vignette! That rascal! Just kidding, I said there was candy on the books to get the shot. 

The House That Lars Built x Mixbook Collection

And because I didn’t really show you many pictures from our trip, here’s a few inspiration images combined with some snaps of my boo.

The picture of me and Paul and Jasper is the site of our very first official date. He had taken me to the Royal Danish Ballet summer concert series in Roskilde and didn’t realize that I might be starving (hangry really) afterwards. Most restaurants were closed at that point so we went to down the main pedestrian street looking for anything open. We finally found this place. The food wasn’t so great and all I remember is how he took carrots and put them in his ears at which point I realized “it’s never going to work out”. He contests this story, but I guess the rest is history.
The House That Lars Built for Mixbook travel book

“Hvor er Far Man?” (where is daddy?) is what I asked him in my simple Danish. He and I are on the same foreign language trajectory and so far I’m winning, but I know I won’t stand a chance soon.The House That Lars Built for Mixbook travel bookThe House That Lars Built for Mixbook travel book

Even I’m convinced at how angelic he is! ha! Photos can really do wonders for your parenting self-esteem.

Now that summer is wrapping up, it’s a great time to put your photos into a travel book now that it’s fresh and, of course, I’d highly recommend ours 🙂 And there’s a sale right now on their Lay Flats. Hop on it!

Head over to our Instagram where we will be holding a giveaway with Mixbook!

Visit our The House That Lars Built x Mixbook Collection to see all our books including a wedding suite, year in review, and wedding guest album.



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