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Favorite Rattan Pieces for the Home

Anyone remember the post I did about my love for rattan? I wrote it when I was searching for furniture and fell in love with rattan cribs. At the time it was difficult to locate beautiful rattan furniture–it was mostly just vintage–but now the rattan trend has exploded. We’ve gone from slim pickings to complete abundance which I couldn’t be more thrilled about! Here are a few of my favorite rattan pieces for your home!

You can find my follow up post about rattan here.

Our Favorite Rattan Pieces

I love rattan so much that I divided it up into a few categories and the first one up is furniture.

Favorite Rattan Furniture:

  1. Jewel Round Coffee Table
  2. Mokara Console Table
  3. Marte Tall Dresser
  4. Pierce Wicker Side Table
  5. Cane Wardrobe
  6. Reflect Rattan Credenza
  7. Piani Copper Side Table
  8. Minsmere Caned Accent Table
  9. Kids Rattan Nightstand
  10. Ria Bookshelf
  11. Vintage Rattan Campaign Dresser
  12. Lundy Rattan Coffee Table
  13. Java Rattan Coffee Table

Favorite Rattan Lighting

Next up is some of my favorite rattan lighting from all over the web. The cool thing about rattan is that it can be made into so many different shapes that fit into various vibes like boho, old world European, coastal, you name it. Here are my favorite lighting pieces:

  1. Rattan Sconce
  2. Brighton Table Lamp
  3. Flamingo Floor Lamp
  4. Lidor Raffia Chandelier
  5. Bamboo Fish Basket Lantern
  6. Rattan Ball Table Lamp
  7. Parasol Table Lamp
  8. Elicia Seagrass Lamp
  9. Rattan Mushroom Lantern
  10. Scallop Tiered Pendant
  11. Egret Table Lamps (Pair)
  12. Honey Rattan Starfruit Lantern

Favorite rattan chairs

Next up is favorite rattan chairs. If nothing else, you just need a chair the house out of the beautiful material. It adds so much beautiful natural texture to any space. Here are my favorite rattan chairs:

  1. Arne Jacobson Paris Chair
  2. Lucia Chair
  3. Fallon Cocoon Chair
  4. Madeline Side Chair
  5. Marte Lounge Chair
  6. Melody Rattan Chair
  7. Maroney Arm Chair
  8. Charlottenborg Chair
  9. Wicker Walia Outdoor Chairs (Pair)
  10. Malawi Wicker Chair
  11. Nanny Rocking Chair
  12. Nest Lounge Chair
  13. Chelsi Rattan Chairs (Pair)
  14. Shore Bench

Favorite rattan sofas & daybeds

I love a beautiful rattan sofa. Piled up with tons of pillows makes it oh so comfortable and beautiful at the same time. Such a great napping stop! Here are some of my favorite rattan sofas and daybeds:

  1. Belladonna Sofa
  2. Heatherfield Sofa
  3. Regeant Daybed
  4. Pierce Rattan Two-Seater Chair
  5. Nest Sofa
  6. Capistrano Sofa
  7. Nadya Daybed
  8. Honey Rattan Daybed

Favorite Rattan Beds & Headboards

While we’re at it, let’s through some beds and headboards into the mix. I love that there’s some that are more elaborate like the peacock style while others are more minimal. Here are my favorite rattan beds and headboards:

  1. Curved Rattan Bed
  2. Sunrise Bed Head Headboard
  3. Canoga Rattan Bed
  4. Deloris Rattan Headboard
  5. Woven Rattan Headboard
  6. Ria Rattan Bed
  7. Boho Chic Headboard
  8. Rattan Petal Headboard
  9. Bobila Cane Bed
  10. Marte Platform Bed

Favorite Rattan Mirrors & Frames

Rattan mirrors and frames are great for getting the trend in on a budget. And these are my favorite! You could probably even find some at your local vintage shop. We even DIY’d our own rattan mirror here. Here are my favorite rattan mirrors and frames:

  1. Midcentury Wicker Spiral Mirror
  2. Bamboo Wall Mirror
  3. Hazel Rattan Floor Mirror
  4. Handwoven Rattan Picture Frame
  5. Rattan Polaris Mirror
  6. Sculpted Rattan Mirror
  7. Coastal Rectangle Accent Mirror
  8. Lanai Mirror
  9. Rattan Floor Mirror
  10. Wicker Scalloped Gallery Frame
  11. Round Rattan Spokes Mirror

Favorite rattan Accessories

Of course there’s a million other things made from rattan from the essentials (baskets) to the whimsical. Here are my favorite rattan accessories for the home!

    1. Sofia Rattan Magazine Holder
    2. Bali Rattan Top-Lid Bag
    3. Louise Straw Satchel
    4. Cane Partition
    5. Rattan Basket
    6. Rattan Eve Basket Collection
    7. Apple Wicker Stash Box
    8. Violet Woven Backless Mules
    9. Chevron Decorative Tray
    10. Camel Storage Bin

Let us know what you love and what kinds of roundups you’re dying to see! We’re huge fans of giving the people what they want!

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