rattan furniture for any room
rattan furniture for any room

Adding Rattan Furniture to Any Room (or wardrobe!)

We are no strangers to this trend that has proved itself to be timeless. Though rattan is having quite the moment right now, this style was first introduced to the West in the 19th century, and its twin sister cane furniture is the epitome of vintage southern charm. Rattan is somehow the perfect blend of vintage + boho + classic countryside style all in one. We posted out first rattan roundup back in September, which you can find here. And about everything you need for a rattan nursery! Though many of those products are still in stock, we have seen too many new rattan pieces out now to not share them with you!

There is a way to bring rattan and cane pieces into every single room in your home. Trust us! Rattan placemats will complete your table settings. Your toddler will sleep soundly in their new rattan “big kid bed.” A rattan mirror in your entryway, rattan planters in your living room, the list is literally endless (as you’ll see below, we got a little carried away!) Mixed in with the furniture ideas there are even stylish ways to bring this trend to your wardrobe – with woven bags, hair clips, and even earrings. Feel free to click any of the photos, they are all linked!

Recreate these amazing rooms

Here is how you can recreate these rooms that use rattan furniture perfectly!

rattan furniture for any room


Photo Source

rattan furniture for kid's room


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Bonus tip: Try painting your rattan a fun color! Like that teal hanging light in the first room, so fun! Below you will find some examples of cane furniture leveled up with some paint, or in it’s natural form!

Our Favorite Rattan Furniture Picks


DIY Rattan Mirror

If you want to try out this trend without a new purchase, try out DIY rattan mirror tutorial!

DIY rattan mirror

You can find all moodboard photos saved on our Pinterest, here.


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