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7 Rental-Friendly Interior Design Hacks

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  • Cedric says


    This is a very informative blog. I was very fond of interior design for a very long time but, was unable to get it done because I am staying in a rented house. Your blog gave me some basic idea on what type of interior design I can do in a rented house.

    Thanks and looking forward to more tips in the future.

  • Prashant kumar says

    This one is a really unique and refreshing post on interior design trends. The way you explained whether to go for the latest interior design trend or stick with an existing one is just class!

    Thanks for writing and sharing this

  • Jeff Carbine says

    I loved it when you said that rental friendly interior design is important to me because I’m a huge believer in the power of interior design to make you happy. Our house interior is old, and it doesn’t look fascinating. I will consider hiring an interior designer to make our home bright again.

  • Shopia says

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    Thank You