Jasper or Jared, Who wore it best?

Turns out, it was JASPER who found Jared Leto’s head!

I’m sure we’re not the only ones here who anxiously await the arrival of the Met Gala yearly. This year, when Anna Wintour announced the Camp theme, we knew we were in for a show (even though honestly, it’s how I would love to dress every day of the year). But boy it was an even better show than I could have imagined. I could take hours to discuss our favorite looks, who really embodied “camp” or the costumes that just left us a little confused, but I would rather just get to the point. Jasper as Jared Leto… Camp Themed! Dun dun dun!! Who wore it best? I’m clearly biased, but can you blame me? A baby in a wig… carrying a doll with a wig…? Sorry Mr. Leto, we think we’ll call this one a win for Jasper!

If you’re not too creeped out yet, click to see more! 

To be totally transparent, this was supposed to be a mommy and me costume (again), and I was going to be Katy Perry as a chandelier…

but, uh…timing. Turns out constructing a body chandelier was going to cost us a little bit of time. We’ll leave it to the haute couture authorities. And Jasper can definitely hold his own in the costume category.

This is my favorite one:

You and me both, buddy.

DIY Jared Leto Camp Costume

Now, because I know SO many of you will be wanting to recreate this costume (ahem), here’s how to do it.

Besides the red robe and the boots, we found everything here: 

Baby Wig  |  Necklace  |  String of Jewels  |  Child mannequin head  |  Doll wig

Red robe: Our awesome designer, Sammy, created the red robe with satin fabric.

Boots: She also found some boots at the thrift store and spray painted them silver.

To achieve the look:

  • draw on a beard with an eyeliner pencil onto the child and mannequin head
  • tape the doll wig onto the head with strong tape (duck tape should work)
  • the string of jewels we found had c rings that allowed us to connect them to the front of the necklace and around to the back to create the epaulette look.

The stuff of nightmares:

The wizard uncovered! Yes, we are holding up fruit snacks and Netflix.

Jared Leto Met Gala head baby Halloween costume

We’d love to see what costumes you’re creating. Tag them with #LarsHalloween so we can see!


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