How to pick the right costume for your child while they still have no choice

This post started out as a “here’s a cute photo of my son in a squirrel costume” and then turned out I had some impassioned thoughts about WHY and HOW to choose the best costume for your child while they still don’t have an opinion. Because there are few things more important that selecting the right costume for your child. Period.

Jasper is 20 months and I know I have a limited window for selecting costumes of which he has no say in. This is a cherished time. Because of the high stakes, I know you know what I’m talking about, I go back and forth on what he should be and I’ve come up with a rubric for costume selection. The ideal costume must include the following:

1) must emphasize his age and body shape 2) be colorful 3) evoke hilarity 4) also slightly ridiculous 5) be something that not everyone has done 6) be homemade

For example, Jasper’s Jared Leto Met Gala costume was an obvious choice because it hit all the marks AND it was even a bit creepy, perfect for Halloween, and shall we say, au courant? That said, I wouldn’t just dress him in his red gown and trick-or-treat at Old Man Charlie’s house down the street because …pearls before swine, amiright? No, no. Jared Leto was for all of you here who would appreciate the effort.

So, I guess the rubric for ACTUAL Halloween night goes a little something like this:

1) emphasize his age and body shape 2) be colorful 3) evoke hilarity 4) be slightly ridiculous 5) easy enough for anyone to understand and…oh forgot this element 6) be homemade 7) WARM. We’re in Utah and there’s already snow on the mountains so he can’t be wearing a sumo wrestler costume (as much as I’m wanting to make that one happen.)

With all of this in mind, I realized that the time for playing the role of an adorable animal is limited. A cute, cuddly, even non-cuddly beast, is just ALWAYS cuter when it’s on a rotund mini human. It’s a scientific fact. And Jasper’s tummy is in a galaxy all its own and must be designed around (see what I mean?). Next comes the actual animal selection (you didn’t know there was so much thought put into something so insubstantial, did you?!). Do we go lion, raccoon, porcupine, etc. Ultimately, I settled on squirrel because you get all the benefits of having a cute cuddly creature only this one has two iconic accessories–the tail and acorn. It’s akin to matching the right shoes to your belt. SCORE!

I’ve had this maternal idea in mind that I would like to be the one hand making at least one of the costumes for each Halloween season. Last year I did a French clown because a tall hat is ridiculous, it’s colorful, and at that point he didn’t have a belly (shocking, I know) so it made him even rounder. BUT, I finished it at 6:30 on Halloween night, leaving us a half hour before bed time. I DIDN’T EVEN GET TO SHOW HIM OFF AS MUCH AS I COULD HAVE. There are few things worse than a #MissedOpportunity.

Ok, back to cute animal.

This year, we worked Jasper’s costume making into our editorial calendar so that it would make me sit down and get it done. I was given weeks to come up with something and I just didn’t. The pressure got to me! How can I make it both earth shattering while taking into account all my requirements?!

I ended up getting a grip on life and realized that to get it done in time to actually show you, I’d need Sammy’s help. Sammy is our amazing designer on Team Lars and she was so kind to hope on board immediately and go to town! All I can say is that I helped with the head piece. A bit. Not even that much! And Hannah, our studio assistant made the acorn. Thank you ladies! I have to admit that I’m smitten with my kitten…errr, squirrel. Even though he wasn’t as stoked about it (nothing worst on a toddler than loose tails and hats!).

We stuck fruit snacks into the tree and let him go to town, just like a real squirrel!

Halloween is a week away and now we have a homemade costume for the evening. PHEW!

BUT, you know I’m already feeling trapped by having just ONE costume selection. So, I may try and gather some items up in order to do the following mommy and me costumes:

  • Scoops Ahoy from Stranger Things–Robin and Steve OR Mother Boy from Arrested Development. I already happen to have a sailor outfit that I wear on the regular and of course, Jasper already has one. I predict this one will be ubiquitous so I’m less interested.
  • Kath and Kim costume–My friend just introduced me to Australia’s classic Kath and Kim and I’m obsessed. Obsessed. It’s now on Netflix so, you’re welcome. I’m thinking I’ll be Kath and maybe Jasper is Sharon? Or Kel? Please advise.
  • Moira Rose and David from Schitt’s Creek. I tried to do this one last year. Even bought all the stuff, but just. Didn’t. Get. Around. To. It. Ugh! #life.

And I’m just realizing that I watch too much TV…

Now, costumes just for Jasper while he still has a huge belly:

  • Nacho Libre
  • Sumo wrestler
  • Strongman (the vintage kind)

Ok, I’m sure you don’t get as obsessed or as wishy washy as me, but would love to hear what you are going to be for Halloween. And your kids? Are you doing mommy and me? Tell me everything.



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