DIY Celebrity Crush Dolls

There’s something special, even magical in the air. Can you feel it? It’s seasonal colds! Ha! Just kidding, it’s love. Valentine’s Day is coming up, giving us extra big heart eyes for all of our crushes, and especially our celebrity crushes because we all have them and now it’s time to immortalize them in stuffed form. We have been looking for any excuse to resurrect our DIY Photo Transfer Plush Dolls, and we figured celebrity crushes were as good a reason as any to create one of our favorite projects! Every team member chose their celebrity of chose did their own embroidery work. We may or may not be keeping them as a good night hug.

In honor of Valentine’s Day (and crushes), we sent an office-wide email regarding an important task; “please send a high resolution picture of your celebrity crush”. This turned into a historic moment, one of Lars’ longest unofficial meetings yet, where we made a list of every potential candidate. We had to be academic about this kind of thing, so in the interest of science, our list was loooooong. What can we say, the heart wants what the heart wants, and apparently, here at Lars’ the heart just wants every good looking man in Hollywood!

Each team member finally narrowed it down to one crush. Hailey picked Antoni Porowski of Fab 5 fame, Emma simply could not resist the boyish charms of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Sammy went for Oscar-winning hunk Rami Malek, and Mary made a rock-solid choice with the one and only Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Jane picked Milo Ventimiglia, ostensibly for his “kind soul”, but that piercing gaze of his definitely doesn’t hurt! Of course, I could go with none other than Jeff Goldblum, the (quite literal) man of my dreams (see more about it in my highlights here)

Whether you’re creating your celebrity crush, or the sweetheart that you get to hold in your arms everyday, we think this is a pretty fun way to spread that Valentine’s love.

How to make a celebrity crush doll


You can find the materials list in our e-book here

To find your celebrity crush files, we recommend the following:

  1. Searching for the highest resolution images with the name and then “full body”. In Google you can go to “Tools” at the far right top bar and then “high” for resolution size.
  2. We brought our images into Photoshop and cut around the body and saved it as a jpg.
  3. Per the instructions in our e-book, we printed ours as big as it could go on a 8.5×11” size paper.
  4. Follow the rest of the instructions in the e-book to finish it off!

We’d love to see how you create your own dolls. Tag us with #LarsLovesLove so we can take a look!


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