New Years Resolution Printable

New Years Resolution Printable

Are you pro New Years Resolutions or against them? Either way, this printable was created with YOU in mind! You can use it for setting self-improvement goals or perhaps you’d like to treat it as more of a bucket list for the year! Different strokes for different folks. Whatever your personality is, we can all commit to making 2019 an awesome year.

We revamped our book art illustrated by Libby VanderPloeg (which you guys went CRAZY over) to create this printable in hopes that you’ll set some super resolutions for next year. I wrote mine down for your viewing pleasure, so show me yours! Tag @houselarsbuilt on Instagram and include #LivingLargeWithLars. What are your hopes, dreams, aspirations, for the new year? As you know, we’re all about making dreams come true at Lars 😉

New Years Resolution Printable

Download the New Years Resolutions 2020 Printable and get to planning your awesome year! 

New Years Resolution Printable

New Years Resolution Printable

  1. Download the 2020 New Years Resolution PDF HERE
  2. Print off
  3. Write in your plans to make 2019 awesome!
  4. Share a picture of your goals on Instagram, tag @houselarsbuilt and use the hashtag #LivingLargeWithLars so we can see what you’re up to!

New Years Resolution Printable

New Years Resolution Printable

Artwork by Libby VanderPloeg


  1. We LOVE this! I used it with all my girls at a therapeutic boarding school last year and it was a hit for reflecting on the first of the year. Any chance you have a 2020 version?

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    WOW! Gorgeous designs! Already printed a few copies for me and my bestie because we are super motivated for 2019 that we will do at least 10 things we have in mind – the first on the list: visit Yellowstone!


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