New Years Paper Crown

New Years Eve calls for fun, festive crowns! This year we have a printable crown that will make celebrating super easy. Whether you’re hosting a celebration or staying in, this crown will brighten up your New Years festivities.

Read below for details and more New Years celebration ideas!

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New Year’s Eve is almost always portrayed with a huge party, kissing a stranger, and a carefree night on the town. We’ve all seen the movies right? Personally, I’d rather be eating a cheese plate, watching the ball drop in New York from the comfort of my living room, while dressed in my comfiest loungewear. But that’s just me. To each his own!

However you wish to celebrate, we all deserve to look a little festive. Even if that just means jazzing up the pajamas, we support any celebration style! We made a printable New Years Paper Crown that will look adorable with any getup, whether for a party downtown or a night in. We’re crazy about our New Years Crown for last year, but this one is equally sweet and much simpler if you’re suffering from a little post-Christmas exhaustion (Please tell me I’m not the only one!). Although I do think New Years Eve is a little overrated, I love thinking about the possibilities of the future and what the new year holds in store. This printable paper crown has a magical feel to it that makes me giddy for new and exciting things to come!


Paper New Years Crown

New Years Paper Crown



  1. Simply download the file, print it off, and cut around the pattern. Tape the narrow band (This is the back) to the thicker band. Adjust to make it fit snuggly on your head. Dawn your New Years Paper Crown all night long!

Paper New Years Crown

New Years Paper CrownPaper New Years Crown

Photography by Anna Killian  |  Design by Ashley Isenhour

New Years celebration ideas

If you love this printable crown and the star crown from Lars’ past, you’ll love our other New Years celebration ideas! If you’re hosting a gathering, send out some printable illustrated invitations! Plus, they match the New Years paper crown above! You know we love color here at Lars, and we created a colorful art deco tabletop with matching DIY crowns a few years ago. We couldn’t enter into a new year without new goals! Take a look at this post for New Years resolution printables to help motivate you towards your own aspirations!



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