Interior Design inspired by the new Emma movie
Illustration from the new Emma movie inspired by Jane Austen

In the Mood For: Emma.

Though we are big fans of the Gwyneth Paltrow version, the new Emma movie starring Anya Taylor-Joy is the pastel daydream we have been waiting for. The humor in this version is bolder than any Jane Austen based film we have seen before. Instead of the normal chuckles we have always given the mischievous Emma Woodhouse, this film left us busting up laughing. It surprised us and we loved it!

This movie was one of our first additions to our colorful and inspiring movies post. We love an updated spin on a classic story. Emma was still in theaters when everyone started social distancing due to COVID-19, but it has been released early on Amazon to rent! For less than it would cost to see it at the movie theater, this is definitely worth a movie night in.

Once you have watched it, you will be dreaming of adding pops of bright yellow and floral wallpapers to every room in your house. And we support you in doing just that.

You'll Need:

Interior Design inspired by the new Emma movie

Decor inspired by the new Emma movie

Emma did a fantastic job of staying true to Jane Austen’s time in fresh color scheme we have never seen before in the world of Lizzie Bennet and Elinor Dashwood. Drawing inspiration from this film does not mean your home needs to be transported back to the Regency era. Explore the links below for classic pieces that will fit into your modern home.

Anthropologie has really embraced an Emma inspired look for spring. This mirror is literally called The Emma Mirror! Update your walls with dreamy wallpapers that level up your room without being too bold and distracting. If the Emma movie taught us anything, it’s that your home should be soft supporting act for your bold fashion choices and drama-filled life. Right?!

Choose flowing flower motifs in every material possible, like this carved wood shelf and this brass curtain tieback. This will keep your interior design interesting and multi-dimensional.

Decor inspired by specific scenes

Interior Design inspired by the new Emma movie

Making a shade like duck egg blue, mint green, or yellow the main tone in your home will help balance the floral patterns. Add in accents of wood and brass to ground your cotton-candy colored cloud of decor. For every two feminine touches, add a masculine one. That is the recipe for a Regency inspired home your family will want to pass down through generations. (Even if someone has to marry the Mr. Collins to keep it in the family.)

Interior Design inspired by the new Emma movie

Don’t let the soft pastels of this movie convince you that Emma Woodhouse’s next move will be a sweet one. Just like Jane Austen’s witty writing, the film never fails to through in a dash of Mustard yellow or orange to remind us of Emma’s true colors.

Interior Design inspired by the new Emma movie

If your family isn’t on board with redecorating your entire home, or it’s feeling a little too Austenland, give yourself one room. And make it pink!

Interior Design inspired by the new Emma movie


Plan a Jane Austen Movie Marathon

Our other favorite Jane Austen films to fill your social distancing time:

Pride and Prejudice, Austenland, Emma, Sense and Sensibility, Becoming Jane, BBC’s Pride and Prejudice


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  1. This is bliss. I’ve been obsessed with this movie since I saw it in the theater and rented it and watched all the youtube reviews. You need to put your review out there on youtube! This is divine advice. To your list of movies to watch, please add Clueless, which helps bridge the gap from Gwyneth to Anya Taylor Joy. Once you watch Clueless and the 2020 version of Emma, you might drop your ‘like’ for the Gwyneth version and all her whining, pleasantness, and really lack of a true change in character.


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