Book Recommendations + Book Club May 2020

It’s May—can you believe it? Because we all need some extra cheer right about now, and since color is our jam (you know us!), this month’s book is all about one that brings thoughts of sunshine, energy, and joy! Yellow: The History of a Color by Michel Pastoureau.

If you aren’t in a book club by this point, you are missin’ out!! Since we’re all at home, I’ve been trying to read more than ever and am asking everyone what good books they have read lately! Joining a book club gives you a network of readers, a supply of fresh book recommendations, listening ears and new ideas, as well friendship. 


Try a virtual book club

For anyone wondering how well book clubs work from afar, try out your favorite video conferencing app! Invite some friends, find a fancy snack, and talk about your favorite new book. Or find a new one that you’re interested in reading! Catch up on personal stuff while you dig into the details of why Bernadette left or what singing crawdads have to do with the story or the medieval history of the color yellow. (Can you name these books?) 

We recently designed some video conference cards that are colorful and a little bit cheeky… do you have a friend who can’t seem to mute themself when they’re not speaking? Hold up the mute card or the “Quiet, please!” You can even download different backgrounds to use on Zoom. I’m sure you’ve noticed our penchant for bright colors, so check out our zoom background color pallets! If you don’t have a video conference corner set up, a bright background is the next best thing – and requires zero house cleaning. 

If you want to join a preexisting book club, I know just the one: OURS! Each month we pick a new book and discuss it. If you don’t love to read or don’t have time, try downloading the audiobook so you can join in the fun in a more convenient way. 

This month’s book

To join in the Lars book club this month, Amazon Prime your own copy of Yellow: The History of a Color right to you door! Once you finish reading, we want to hear your thoughts below! 

 I’ll give just a teaser of topics covered in the book to pique your interest… 

Yellow pigment was derived anciently from clay deposits and was used by cave painters all across the globe! I did a little research and learned that some historians view the development of color as one of the first signs of civilization – it shows a bridge between art and science. Nifty! 

In Eastern cultures, yellow is almost always associated with joy, light, goodness – all things we love at Lars.

Vincent van Gogh used yellow alllllllll over the place, and we can’t get enough of it. Check out one of these films made about him if you want to see his color pallets brought to life outside of the canvas! Loving Vincent & At Eternity’s Gate

Pantone’s most recent yellow color of the year was last in 2009, but it has made a huge splash this last year on the runways and in interior design. Don’t believe me? Ask Glamour, Vogue, Fashion Week, Harper’s Bazaar, and more. Have you heard of Gen Z Yellow? (You don’t have to be Gen Z to love it!)

If you’re already a fan of yellow, you’ll enjoy reading about it in Pastoureau’s fabulous book—and if not? Hey, maybe you’ll have a new favorite color by the end. 😉 It is sure to be a visual feast. Happy reading!

Other book recommendations

Here are some more books to check out all about color!


Maybe you don’t love to read, or you just don’t have the time to sit down with a book! My rec is to download the audiobook! You can join in on the book club fun in whatever way is convenient for you.

Click here to see all of our favorite book recommendations!


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