Father's day tie and bowtie pattern DIY

Father’s Day Tie and Bowtie Pattern

Year after year, I scratch my head in confusion and think for weeks over what to get my dad for Father’s Day. He’s the kind of guy who tends to get what he wants for himself, and wants very little. I, on the other hand, give an alphabetized list of things I want to select people in my life just to make their gift giving process that much simpler. I’m so thoughtful. 

If you have: 1. asked your dad what he’d like for Father’s Day, 2. checked out our post on brainstorming gifts, and still came up empty handed, don’t you worry!! I’m back with another idea. Make him a tie/bowtie! And yes, this one can totally be done last minute. Yet it still feels thoughtful and genuine. That’s the magical thing about crafting! *I’m doing a little dance here*

Father's day tie pattern DIY

Why a tie for Father’s day? 

In my mind, dads wear ties or bowties practically all of the time. That might be wishful thinking on my part. Perhaps you like this fantasy and have a guy or father-figure in your life who you wish wore more bowties than trucker hats. Make him one! You have complete creative control (and he’ll feel obligated to wear it). If I could style my dad every day, I would. When opportunity strikes and I get a chance like this I tend not to let it slip away. 

The sewing patterns we launched are truly not hard! You could probably hand sew the whole thing if you don’t have a sewing machine. Of course use the machine if you have access to one – don’t torture yourself. Click here for our Father’s Day tie pattern and here for our bowtie pattern! Both patterns come with step photos and detailed instructions. 

Father's day bowtie pattern DIY

Pick the perfect fabric for dad

Next up is to think deliberately about what fabric and pattern you choose to outfit your ol’ man with. Is he a pretty classic guy? Opt for a stripe. If you’re feeling fancy, rotate the fabric 45 degrees for a ~diagonal~ stripe. Does he wear a lot of graphic tees? Maybe he’ll prefer a tie with something on it. My dad has begun wearing a button down shirt with armadillos on it (don’t ask) so I think he’d be open to anything at this point. If you have a stylish dad, I envy you (sorry Dad…). Let your creative juices run wild with fun fabrics.

Odds are high that this gift will be a home-run. It checks all the boxes! It is useful, stylish (but not too out there for Dad), thoughtful, and handmade. That last one is the key – my dad loves anything I give him so long as I’ve made it. 

Some of our favorite fabrics for your Father’s Day tie

Below are our top picks for fabrics for use to make dad’s tie or bowtie for Father’s Day! All of these fabrics are available for purchase by yard online.


Check out this post for more thoughts on how to show Dad that you love him.


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