Father’s Day Through The Years

Just a gentle reminder: Father’s Day is June 19th this year, which means it’s just a few days away! (I haven’t forgotten about Juneteenth, which falls on the same day. Look for a Juneteenth blog post tomorrow)!

As an ode to fathers and their special day, we’ve compiled everything we’ve done for dads through the years. Now you have it all in one place. This is your one-stop go-to for all your Father’s Day needs!

All of Our Father’s Day Content, In One Place

I know it’s sometimes hard to find all the resources you need with one search. Well we decided to make it easy on you and compile all of our Father’s Day content through the years, in one place. Because we don’t want you to forget about the fathers in your life! So just peruse this list and you won’t have any FOMO interfering with your Father’s Day plans this year.


Customizable Portrait

Turns out, we’ve made a decent amount of crafts for dads over the years. Most recently was our Customizable Father’s Day Portrait. It’s the perfect craft to do with kids! Just cut, mix and match to make a fully customized portrait of your dad/husband/grandpa/uncle/etc.

Tie and Bowtie

Remember our Tie and Bowtie Pattern? Don’t try to tell me you’ve never gifted your dad a tie. It’s a classic gift! But you can make it more special by trying your hand at making one yourself! It’s easy and we promise your dad will love it.

DIY Picnic Blanket Tote

Is your dad outdoorsy? Try this DIY Picnic Blanket Tote! What’s better than a tote that doubles as a blanket? You won’t have to worry about forgetting your picnic blanket because you’ll be carrying it with you!

Lollipop Prize Ribbons

Make the dads in your life feel like winners with these Lollipop Prize Ribbons! Because they are.

Origami Shirt Bags

These Origami Shirt Gift Bags are a perfect way to make something and pack a little treat inside. Just fold the little shirt bag and fill it will goodies and your dad’s all set!

Sport Donuts

What’s better than a food DIY, let alone a sweet one? Try making these Sport Donuts, complete with our sport pennants! Every sporty dad is going to love these.

Father's Day Sports Donuts

Gift Guides

We recently updated our Father’s Day Gift Guide so you can peruse to your heart’s content! There are gift ideas for every type of dad here.

Speaking of gifts, check out our post on How to Show Your Dad You Love Him. We’ve compiled our Father’s Day shop content and more. We promise the perfect gift is there somewhere!

Other Content

Way back in 2013, I released A Cliche Tie For Father’s Day, the first tie I ever made for Father’s Day! Also from the archives is our Father’s Day Gift Wrap, some FREE Father’s Day Cards, and Chatbooks for the Men in Your Life.

Father's Day Chatbooks by The House That Lars Built

Which thing on our list is your favorite? And what other Father’s Day content would you like to see? Let us know in the comments!


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