Lars Accessory Shop
Lars Accessory Shop

Our Accessory Shop Launch!!

I’ve talked about the stylistic identity of The House That Lars Built before and it’s something I think about a lot. I love the idea of a “Lars Girl,” who looks and feels full of spark. There are plenty of days when I don’t feel like that – at all. Especially since times are a little funky right now. When I am feeling low, one thing that always perks me up is getting ~dressed.~ Keep in mind, this is fairly basic. I tend to wear just dresses and avoid putting on a lot of makeup. What I try to do to spice things up a bit is accessorize! Some outfits just beg for a little oomph. Allow me to help give you a place to start: our new Accessory Shop!! 

Lars Accessory Shop

Why Accessorize?

I’m so excited to be announcing the launch of our accessory shop!! We’ve put our heads together and are so proud of the products we’ve designed. The hair clips, headbands, pins, and scrunchies are all items that have a function and don’t take up much visual space, but they certainly add flair! I get frustrated when accessories are too loud, clunky, or distracting. Minimal design with maximal colors and patterns are kind of my thing.  Minimalism and accessories seem contradictory, but if an accessory serves a purpose and is cute, I need it. These specific pieces were chosen for how easy they are to wear! 

Shop our new accessory shop here!

How to style your new accessories

Odds are high that you already wear your hair in a bun everyday. In truth a bun is an upgrade for me most days. One simple way to level up beyond the bun is to change out your plain hair tie for one of our scrunchies! If you are tired of the Quarantine bun, toss on a colorful headband. The yellow color is just so energized, and will look good with any other color. And, when you push your hair back, it creates a little tightness giving you a temporary and painless face-lift. (I’m not suggesting anyone needs one – you are perfect as is.) 

Lars Accessory Shop

Another easy-to-wear accessory is a pin! Imagine how cute our rose pins will look attached to a headband! Or a scrunchie! Or your shirt collar! Hair clips are the Queen Bee Accessory de jour, and I doubt they’ll ever go out. I needed some new ones which is partially why these hair clips even exist… yes, these are the exact ones I want, which is why Lars is selling them. That’s part of why we even make and sell things – I care about the little details, and want products that reflect that. Hopefully you can tell 🙂

How to style scrunchies

Shop all our new accessories!



If the DIY bug has bitten you, try making your own DIY clay hair clips. Making something with your hands is a great way relax while staying productive.


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