A round up of our favorite rugs under $1000 in every shade of the rainbow

Best Affordable Rugs Under $1000

If you have ever found yourself in a pickle, wishing you had the perfect rug to finish off your perfect room, then suffering from cardiac arrest once seeing the price tag on the rug, you, my friend, are not alone. I could name off the top of my head at least 5 rugs that I want in my home but do not have thanks to a little thing called “way out of my price range”. So, I set out to find a round up of affordable rugs that I think you will love just as much as that bajillion dollar rug you want that cost a fraction of the price! And best part? They’re in every shade of the rainbow so you’re very likely to see something that will tickle your fancy.

We stumbled upon this plaid rug on the left while creating our #WFH guide to creating the perfect home office (a post we didn’t expect to still be so applicable this many months later) and have been wanting it ever since! We are all for a bold rug that inspires the rest of the room.

Below you will find the best affordable rugs available now, plus why rugs are important in interior design!

Go Bold or Go Home

You know we love statement pieces, like upholstered headboards, graphic art prints, or throw pillows galore. And a great rug is probably the best place to start when planning a new interior makeover. Rugs instantly cozy up a room, make it feel complete, and sets the tone ALL without taking up any extra space! It’s the dream decor piece! But due to their price tag, we know how easy it is to put a new rug last on your list of priorities.

However, hear us out – A rug can truly make your room, and leaving it out can be a big interior design faux pas. Plus, splurging a little on a rug can allow you to tone down the other purchases without sacrificing your end goal – a thoughtful, specific, and well-curated space. That is truly the power a good rug has! Why? Because a statement rug instantly conveys what look you are going for (vintage, boho, minimal?), sets the main color scheme, and makes everything look more finished. Trust us, don’t skip the rug. And if we still haven’t convinced you, you’ll find even more ways to use a rug to complete the look below!

Of course if you are in a creative mood, we have some DIY rug options for you. Like this Matisse inspired cut out rug above! Or for something even simpler try this DIY “friendship bracelet” inspired rug that will keep your hands busy during your next Netflix binge.

But if you’re more in the mood for some online shopping, we feel you! Explore the links below to find the best affordable rug of your dreams.

Best Affordable Rugs to Complete Your Home

  1. Atrium Rug
  2. Hering Handmade Wool Rug
  3. Flatweave Figure Rug
  4. Painted Stripe Wool Hook Rug
  5. Veda Rug
  6. Lana Pastel Rug
  7. Flatwoven Faiza Rug
  8. Hand_Tufted Andrea Rug
  9. Bokhara Rug
  10. Nash Hand-Knotted Wool Rug
  11. Blokzijl Rug
  12. Zager Rug
  13. Reta Gold Handwoven Rug
  14. Beach Rug
  15. Chester Eco-Cotton Rug
  16. Handwoven Livia Rug
  17. Quentin Flatweave Rug
  18. Ikat Floral Dhurrie Rug
  19. Navy Grid Rug
  20. Bianca Mae Rug
  21. Pamela Wiley Arches Rug
  22. Angie Rug
  23. Emerson Rug
  24. Terttu Rug
  25. Delhi Multi Red Rug
  26. Shape Collage Rug
  27. Foti Area Rug
  28. Pranay Wool Rug
  29. Bowen Flatweave Rug
  30. Two-Tone Diamond Rug
  31. Checkmate Shag Rug
  32. Pranay Hand Tufted Rug

Why are Rugs Important in Interior Design?


Another reason why I love rugs is the comfort factor. The lush feeling of a soft texture under my toes is the best, especially in the winter when things get cold. Having a nice rug allows you to use your space better. I like being able to sit on the floor with kids or when I am crafting, and having a comfy rug makes it so much more inviting.

Additional to creature comforts, there’s a comfort found in the safety rugs provide. I can put a baby down on a rug and trust that they will be safe! Many parts of my house aren’t exactly child-friendly, but having a nice rug is an easy way to change that. Oh, and rugs totally protect your floors from getting scuffed up. If you do have messy messy kids and pets, I recommend checking out Ruggable – all of their rugs are machine washable.

Marry Color Schemes

From a design standpoint, flooring can make or break a room. Rugs allow you to control so much about the design of your space! For instance, I am trying to marry two color schemes into one space as I plan how to redecorate our new home. I’m working with warm gold velvet curtains, a grey tweed chair, and lots of blues and greens. The easiest way for me to make these pieces feel cohesive is to ground them with a rug that showcases those colors!

Ground your Furniture

That brings me to another great thing about rugs – they create cohesion, and a sense of grounding in a room. It can be difficult to figure out how to arrange your furniture, and sometimes the pieces just don’t quite mesh. A great way to create a visually pleasing composition in your room is to ground your furniture around a rug. Put the edges of the couch on the rug, and do the same with the armchair, whatever else. Now try to picture it without the rug – it just looks weird. The chair would melt into the floor and the coffee table would look like it was randomly floating. The key to creating a cozy space all lies within composition.

Texture and Pattern

Other design elements that rugs allow you to play with are texture and pattern. People tend to think a lot about color, but the best interior design tip I can give you is to think long and hard about texture. How will the texture of the rug look juxtaposed with your furniture textures? Your flooring? Juxtaposition is key! If your space is sleek and minimal, add some plush. If your space is a maximalist explosion, tone it down texturally with a smooth, low pile rug.


That doesn’t mean you have to tone down the pattern, however! The size of the pattern and the size of your rug will contribute greatly to how large the space looks. In general, pattern tends to make a space look smaller but that shouldn’t dissuade you from using it. Simple linear patterns, like stripes or dots, will expand your space. Intricate and visually demanding patterns will make the space seem smaller. This picture shows nearly identical bedrooms with rugs of different size patterns. From far away, the small patterns tend to look like one color. Bigger patterns make a bigger statement!

More Affordable Rugs we Love!

Jute rugs

Floral rugs

Neutral rugs


No matter where you live, what your budget looks like, or what your design preferences are like, a rug will go a long way towards making your space feel like home.

If you are on the hunt for an amazing outdoor rug, we can help you out with that too in our guide to choosing outdoor furniture!


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