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DIY: Friendship Bracelet chevron rug

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  • Alondra McEldowney says

    Hey! Having our first baby and trying to find a large area rug on a small budget! I was wondering if you still know the dimensions on this project? For instance, you said 2 meters length, 10 strips of fabric, 8” apart. That yielded what width and length rug? I am thinking bigger to cover a large portion of the nursery floor. Just wanting to double check so I figure out if fabric costs would be prohibitive. Thank you!

  • Dianna Drake says

    I came to your site because I was specifically looking for the hand crochet rugs. I kept tapping on one that said video but nothing happened. The only one I saw instructions was the Chevron rug. Which I don’t like. could not find instructions for the other ones the round ones softer looking made from either towels or t-shirts. Can you send me a video link?