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  • Emily says

    I love my two little boys. They are 5 and 7 now and completely different, but both rugged and wonderful in their own way. My oldest wants to be a surfer dude velociraptor trainer when he grows up, ends every sentence with “dude”, and has hair that is always unkempt (despite my best attempts). My younger son loves unicorns and barbie, idolizes Beyonce, and enjoys makeup and nailpolish (and dirt, and rocks, and sticks, and wrestling).

    Congratulations and best of luck!

  • Ashley says

    Sounds like it could be pubic symphysis dysfunction. Not being able to walk because of pain definitely isn’t normal! Kegels can help in early pregnancy, but now that you are further along they won’t be as effective unless you also add some other low impact core strengthening exercises like pilates. Chiropractic care has also shown to be effective. After you deliver, getting core strengthening exercises are going to be the ticket to correcting the issue. It’s so so so painful and debilitating. Sending so many happy healing thoughts your way.

  • SK says

    Congratulations!! Please go see a proper pelvic floor therapist and, if you are not happy – try a few. Kegels may be the worst advice for most women. And general obgyns are prone to give not so great advice. Unless yours is awesome, in which case just get a second opinion from a PT. Good luck!
    I wasn’t even pregnant but went through a series of terrible advice from a few gynaes, but then found the help of a PT, working through some issues successfully now 😉

  • Paula says

    Congrats! I’m so happy for you! I have a boy too and actually I’m happy to not needing to buy so many clothes. I would go crazy with a girl. Also my boy is not really into crafting which I always thought was strange because that’s all I do, but at least I dont eed to share my glue gun. Haha

  • Michelle says

    Blood pressure? Have you had your doctor closely monitor it? I think nose bleeds can be from high blood pressure.

    God bless you and baby boy. Saying a prayer for you tonight.

  • Kara Ford-Martinez says

    Congratulations on your second child!!!!

    I live in California but wanted to leave a comment! I developed pelvic floor issues after having my son, who is now two. Ugh. I don’t really want to put it all out there, because it’s a bit TMI, but, I wanted to tell you that these issues are very common. 1/3 women will develop a pelvic floor issue in her lifetime. It’s super common, but that doesn’t mean you should just be told to do kegels.

    I was going to physical therapy, but had to stop due to the pandemic. Now I do my physical therapy at home. I can tell you more through email if you want. I’m embarrassed to share it here, but I do have other advice I can share with you here comfortably.

    Pelvic floor issues can affect the upper and lower back. They sometimes give me pain between the shoulder blades, and pain in my tailbone. I’m wondering if maybe the pelvic floor issues are causing you to not be able to walk well?

    You should ask your doctor for a referral to see a physical therapist. There are many things you can do besides kegels.

    I highly recommend you start doing the hab-it exercises: The physical therapist who created these exercises is named Tasha Mulligan. The exercises helped me so much that I had a private skype session with her, as I was super depressed about my pelvic floor issues. She’s super positive and supportive: She may be a good person to talk with first. Or, just look at her website… tons of great info there. I consulted with Tasha, and also saw a physical therapist here in California. They had different advice and treatments, and I benefitted from both of their expertise.

    Hopefully the issues you’re experiencing are temporary. Mine are permanent, but I’m able to manage the symptoms so that, most days, I don’t notice them at all.

    Lastly, posture is very important, as is not lifting anything over 10 pounds! I never carry my toddler anymore… but I love cuddling him on my lap. Also, there are tons of exercises you should NOT do, such as crunches, which will make these issues worse. I had to quit pilates, which really broke my heart, but I hope to return to it one day if I’m lucky.

    Good luck and feel free to contact me if you need any advice or support!

  • Verity says

    There are Physiotherapists who specialise in pelvic floor rehab. The best thing I ever did was to start seeing one to rehab my pelvic floor after a series of back issues. Good luck!

  • Kate brooke says

    Hi! And congrats!

    Because we moms can’t help but share our experiences (and we should share them) I thought I would leave a comment and let you know that 1) nose bleeds are common. My gums bled like crazy too. And 2) is it painful to try and walk? Or you just can’t walk? When pregnant with my second I had such severe pain when i tried to walk that there were a couple or moments when i just had to sit down until someone could come help me. It was the way he was positioned on a nerve. It was awful. With the 3rd it was worse. I couldn’t walk starting about the 2nd trimester. It wasnt pelvic floor though, just the way they pressed on my nerves. No idea if any if this is useful and i do definitely recommend seeing a pelvic floor doctor but I’m in lubbock tx so i dont think my recommendation will help : )

    Be well!

  • Jana says

    My friend had similar pelvic problems and found a chiropractor who was able to adjust that area; otherwise, she says she would not have survived pregnancies. She has four babies. Umm.. I PROMISE this is not a joke, but her chiropractor’s name is Dr. Awais Butt.

  • Katie says

    Congratulations!! And I had terrible nose bleeds when I was pregnant with my son last year. I don’t know anyone else this has happened to, so glad to see I’m not alone! I ended up going to an ENT. He recommended taking a q-tip with saline gel (like Ayr) and spreading it along the inside of your nostrils at night. He said it creates your own built-in humidifier. We also got a cool mist humidifier for night. Those two things worked for me, and I haven’t had a nosebleed since! I hope that helps.

  • Laurielulu says

    Congrats! Dear B, you do boys sooooo well. I can’t wait to follow along with the new darling Scandi boy! Imma bet Jasper is not going to be too thrilled. Is he aware of your baby tummy? I know things are mad, but you also do that well. Keep on waddling! 💋💋

  • Catey says

    Hi Brittany! I am a physical therapist and I would highly recommend looking for a pelvic health/women’s health PT! It is definitely a specialized area of physical therapy but certified pelvic floor PTs are highly trained in management and treatment of all sorts of pelvic floor issues. There is SO much more you could be doing than just kegels. I’m a bit biased because of my profession but I really believe that pelvic health PT should be a standard part of pre- and post-partum care.

  • Lisa says

    As a former midwife I highly recommend seeing a pelvic floor Physical therapist, one that is hands on, literally. Levels can only do so much and new research is showing they might actually do harm if done by themselves.

    A good chiropractor is also going to be helpful.

  • EV says

    My OBGYN referred me to a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist and it worked wonders for me!!! Although, it’s a little uncomfortable to have someone “work” down there, but it actually solved a lot of my problems after childbirth issues. Hope that helps!

  • Ashley Sheppard says

    Oh yes. Second child i could barely walk. Thought he was gonna just fall out at any second. He ended up being 6 days late 😑. The necklace test works though!! I made the mistake of doing it to myself and it predicted girl for #2. I had a coworker do it and she said oh it’s a boy when i was a month in. And it was a boy. From following you since you were pregnant with jasper (i remember you really wanting a girl) you need to keep going! Get you a girl!!! Sending you all the mom strength ❤️❤️