Christmas Gifts Under $25

I know the saying is kinda cheesy and cliche, but honestly, it really is better to give than receive! I just love seeing the joy in someone’s face when they open a gift someone really thought hard about.

Below you will find our favorite small gifts and stocking stuffers available this season, all for $25 or under!

Today we’re bringing you one of our holiday gift guides, featuring gifts you can buy for under $25. Though I realize not everyone in your family will have the same taste as we do, I love seeing other people’s gift guides because they help me brainstorm and think of ideas I probably wouldn’t have thought of on my own!

Gift Ideas From The Lars Shop

This year we stocked up the Lars Shop on stickers, accessories, coloring books, and plenty of other Christmas gift ideas. Help Santa out and stuff those stockings early this year.

We just released a hardcopy version of our nonprofit coloring book Picture Hope! This coloring book contains the work of 64 artists from around the world. Each one drew their representation of hope during this challenging time and you get to color it in! All profits go to benefit the nonprofit organization Love For Our Elders for the next month (we pick a new charity every few weeks!) Not only does this new physical version of Picture Hope make a creative and thoughtful gift, but all profits from your purchase will also be gifted to this special charity.

Other Gifts Under $25

The “under $25” category is one of my favorites, because it’s the perfect amount to get someone a meaningful, creative gift without putting a big dent in your wallet. Typically with gifts less than $25, you won’t need to watch for Black Friday and other holiday sales. (But even if you do, shopping those sales is kinda fun, especially now that we can do it all online!)

Want some other gift ideas? Check out our past gift guides here. And keep an eye out for this year’s $50 and $100 gift guides coming soon!


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