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Resilient and Low Maintenance Wood Flooring

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  • Nicole Bregar says

    Looks beautiful. What color flooring do you have? I am looking for a true light to medium brown. Thank you.

  • Jenny says

    What do you think about the slippery-ness of the floors – especially with a dog? We are looking for an option that stands up to water (PNW rain here) but our dog has joint issues that make slick floors a no-go. Our 90s laminate in the last house was a problem for him.

    • Brittany says

      Hi Jenny! This is Gwen. I’m sorry to hear about your dog’s joint issues–anything that hurts our dogs hurts us, too! When Lula is running she does tend to slide on the floors, and sometimes when she’s trying to get a running start she does that sort of Scooby Doo thing where her legs are moving but she hasn’t built up enough traction to actually get anywhere. It’s pretty cute, but could potentially be a problem for a dog with joint issues. I would say it’s less slippery than a laminate, though. I hope this helps!