Juneteenth Through The Years

Happy Juneteenth this Sunday! This year Juneteenth falls on Father’s Day. We love our dads, but we wanted to make sure Juneteenth gets the recognition it deserves, too. To that end, we decided to highlight all the Juneteenth content we have from past years.

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History Behind Juneteenth

Sheryl’s Take

Juneteenth was officially declared a holiday in 2021 (better late than never, right?). But are we even all on the same page about what Juneteenth celebrates? That’s where we enlisted the help of my dear friend, Sheryl, to help educate us. Here’s the post: On Juneteenth By Sheryl Garner Ellsworth. In it she explains the history behind the holiday, its significance, and what that should mean for us today. If you’re eager to learn more about this important holiday, I would highly recommend reading Sheryl’s essay. It’s both thoughtful and instructive.

Here is another ode to Sheryl and her amazing work educating people about this important holiday.

Reading List

If you’re interested in more resources, you might want to check out our Juneteenth Reading List! We’ve compiled a list of books for both kids and adults. It’s a great place to start if you want to educate yourself and your children more fully.

So why does this holiday matter? As Sheryl so brilliantly put it, “the end of slavery is a joyous moment that should be celebrated by all not only Black people.”

Sheryl Garner holds a red velvet cake and smiles at the camera. She's wearing a black top and a gold necklace.

More Inspiration

Black History Month Booklist For Kids, Alma Thomas: Black History Month Kickoff, and Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Oh, and here’s the direct link to our Martin Luther King Jr. quote!


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