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Favorite Places to Buy Boy Clothing

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Brittany sits in a white rocking chair against a green wall and snuggles Jasper and Felix.
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  • Kary says

    I completely agree—I dressed my boys (& girls) in little kid clothes, not mini-teenager clothes! Pet peeve: baby boys wearing ties!! What the heck?!! Ties are kinda ridiculous on grown men, but babies?! Anyway, long live overalls and onesies (why put babies in clothes that have a waist? They don’t fit, have got to be uncomfortable, and are a pain to wrestle on and off!) and cute baby shoes! Jasper always looks so cute, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that he has SO much personality! You won the jackpot with that little guy!

  • Ashley Nielson says

    Oh how i feel for all of this! I can’t count the number of “he’s going to hate you…” or “he looks like a girl” and i couldn’t care less because they couldn’t be cuter in their rompers and shirtless overalls!

  • Andrea Chapman says

    I struggled with this as well, I don’t know why people are so adamant about gendering their babies to such an extreme so early on. They are babies! My son was so often mistaken for a girl in what I believed were gender neutral outfits. I think it is so much more socially acceptable to have a “tomboy” girl than a gender neural boy. I think children’s clothing starts enforcing gendering way to early & classic styles work so much better for the actual life of a child that it’s ridiculous that they would be separated by gender, what works best for play works best & if that means leggings or tights on a boy, why not??

  • chiaraandcoaustralia says

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