Family History Questionnaire

Did you know October is Family History Month? With all the Halloween prep, it’s easy for focus on family history to get pushed under the rug. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Halloween. But I also welcome a good nudge to dedicate time to my family history. There’s something unique and special about connecting with multiple generations of family and feeling that bond with both living loved ones and those who have already passed. This year, we have a fun way to connect with your family members and help your kids and grandkids with their family history! Introducing our brand new family history questionnaire!

You'll Need:

Finding Answers

Growing up, my understanding of family history boiled down to pouring through tedious amounts of old records to discover basic information about my ancestors, like where/when they were born, marriage, and death. That’s about as complex as you can get when all you have to work with are hospital records, immigration records and gravestones. Of course, it’s much easier to get to know your family details while there are still people around to ask! The purpose of this family history questionnaire is just that–get to know your family members now so you and your children can still feel connected years later when the opportunity has passed to ask those questions.

Questions for Parents and Grandparents

Sometimes we take our memories for granted. There is so much value in writing down memories we have of loved ones while our brains still have them accessible. Well, as it happens, our parents and grandparents have years of memories stored up! Why not sit down with them and write down the things they remember? Aside from being a wonderful bonding opportunity between grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren, it’s also a valuable way to learn about your more distant relatives–the ones your older relatives knew and interacted with but you never had a chance to. 

And then, of course, ask questions about your grandparents’ and parents’ lives, too! Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start, which is where this family history questionnaire comes in handy. Most people think they know their parents and maybe even grandparents pretty well. But you may be surprised by the things your loved ones share that are completely new to you!

Family History Questionnaire

This family history questionnaire is the perfect way to get your children started on their own family history journey! Just click here, download, print, then grab a pen and get started! Print as many as you want–once you get started, you may find the list of people you want to talk to grows. The questionnaire is intended with grandparents in mind, but can of course apply to anyone! Oh, and don’t forget–our family history questionnaire includes a printable frame for photos or drawings of your grandparents and other loved ones.

Now we want to know: Who’s at the top of your list to interview? Are there other questions we left off? Let us know in the comments!

More Inspiration

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