How to play with patterns

Our Clementine Kids collaboration went live last week and we are over the moon about it. As I was anticipating the collection, I knew I wanted to do florals (duh), but I was also a bit sad because my dream is to go all out on a girl’s nursery, preferably my own. With two boys, that hasn’t been my reality. I’m not saying boys can’t have florals because they fully can and I have fully done it (see here), but I am all about a head to toe feminine moment. Using Jasper’s new bed as inspiration, I had a ball turning his room into a girl’s room using our new Clementine collection with a focus on pattern play. I brought in our neighbor, Sol, step in to live my dream. Hahaha! Would I be a full on stage mom? YOU BET I WOULD!

How to do play with patterns

I knew I needed to start fresh with Jasper’s room in order to transform it into something that felt new. So, I began looking into peel and stick wallpapers that I could put over the existing wallpaper. Maybe you know by now, but I’m a huge fan of Spoonflower. If you’ve used their products in the past, they’ve really focused on the quality of their products and their their peel and stick and it’s better than ever. I found a number of great options that would make it feel a bit more feminine and aligned with the look I was going for. Here are all the ones I was considering.

Peel and stick pattern wallpaper

I had done a thin blue and white stripe in our old bedroom from our old house and LOVED the feel, but wanted to try a different scale so I went with a bigger stripe from Danika Herrick.

The peel and stick could have stuck to the previous wallpaper so Pat adhered it to the carpet to take off some of the stick, before applying it to the walls. It worked beautifully! It stuck well enough and was a breeze to take off too (video forthcoming!).

Pattern Play florals

I wanted to play a bit with patterns so I scoured the Lucas du Tetre shop. They have amazing bright florals and they block print in India so it’s a really great look. Of course I went bananas trying to figure out how to get it to work with our Clementine print and ultimately, I decided to use their blue flowers print as curtains for the bed. Because they didn’t have curtains ready made so I used two table cloths, one for each side and they worked beautifully! All to show that a little creativity can go a long way! I added in their orange and green striped pillow too and somehow it works well with a lot of prints.

I knew I didn’t want to go too crazy with all the patterns–I still wanted our Clementine print to shine, so I toned down some other things like adding in more neutral pillows.

These green floral sheets were a great find in a smaller scale from the curtains and I love how they played together.

In fact, I found a ton of really great ditsy patterns that would work with the look. I’ll share them here:

Clementine Kids Floral Artwork

The artwork from the collection stood out beautifully on the blue and white stripes. I especially love the goose on that dark green. It is great mixed with all the other colors. Here I got it in the 18×24″ frame in the alder wood. 

And the daffodil is such a great pop of color and simplicity. I got it in the 24×36″ size in the white frame.

I adore the mixed bouquet piece. Here it’s in the 18×24″ in the alder frame.

Sol used to live down the street from us and play with Jasper and Felix at the park every day. We miss her, but thankfully she still lives down the street. She’s the best!

How to achieve pattern play in your own space

  1. Bring in patterns in different scales–big, medium, small
  2. Look for patterns with different colored backgrounds and business.
  3. Make one pattern a hero and let the other ones support. Here the hero is blanket (yay!) and curtains support it as well as the stripes.

Share your pattern play with us!

I’d love to see how you’re styling your Clementine pieces. Tag us with #LarsXClementine so we can all see your spaces!

Would love to hear your thoughts about the room. Would you ever try and do some pattern play? It can be a little much for some folks, but pure happiness for others.

You can find out Clementine Kids collection here.


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