Printable milestone cards for baby

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Printable milestone cards for baby

I really wish I had had this when my babies were brand new–I love it so much! I asked our designer, Garet to share some thoughts about the blanket design and the milestone cards.

Design of the Blanket

The design of the Lars x Clementine Kids collection is inspired by garden flowers and nursery rhymes. Designing the florals for this project came so naturally and feature some of my favorite flowers: the delicate, yet wild poppy; the beautiful garden rose; and the whimsical blue bell.

I was specifically drawn to the daffodil that was presented in the design brief for the collection. I love how daffodils cheerfully emerge at the end of a long winter, reminding me that Spring and sunshine is coming. For me, daffodils symbolize how I feel in the early stages of motherhood: the gloomy weeks struggling with baby blues and sleepless nights, brightened by the first smiles of my newborn, signaling to me that there are happy days (and eventually some more sleep) ahead. 

You’ll spot daffodils in every piece of the collection, from the quilts to the art prints.

Used for Milestones

I remember showing an early iteration of the quilt design to Brittany and the Clementine Kids team. In their notes they both mentioned that the composition of flowers make a great backdrop for baby milestone photos. That was unintentional on my part, but serendipitous nonetheless. I can’t wait to take pictures of my daughter on the quilt! The head fits perfectly on the blossom placed right in the middle! 

I am a longtime fan of Clementine Kids. I added their Huckleberry Quilt to my baby registry a couple of years ago for my daughter Zoe. Zoe is my first daughter and as a new mom, I didn’t expect to receive enough baby blankets to tell my own rendition of the princess and the pea. Who needs a closet full of tiny swaddles and quilts? There were so many!! I was a bit picky selective with what I chose to keep. They had to fit my criteria of beautifully designed and well-made. There were only a few that made that cut, including some handmade, heirloom quilts from my family and the huckleberry quilt from Clementine Kids. 

My daughter Zoe has slept with her huckleberry quilt everyday since she was born – she’s now 3 years old! That quilt has been with her for all of her big milestones and is still in great condition. These are some of our favorite quilts ever, and I feel so lucky that I got to work on this special collection for Lars x Clementine Kids.

Used with Maeve

The Lars x Clementine Kids collection is sentimental to me because of the timing of the project. I first heard about the project around the time I found out I was pregnant with my second daughter, Maeve. I was over-the-moon excited, especially because I was already such a fan of the Clementine Kids brand.

It also happened that finishing the artwork for this collection was one of the final things I turned in before going on maternity leave. It was really sweet to imagine wrapping my baby in the quilts that I was helping to design. Such a dream come true to snuggle M in the quilts now! I’m so excited to see Maeve grow with her Lars x Clementine Kids quilt.

You can find the printable milestone cards in our shop here!


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