Rainbow Workout Gear + Exercises!

Recently I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of working out and eating healthier. And it’s no cake walk, you guys! Trust me, if there was cake involved, I would be ALL in.¬†Though I have found that having cute, colorful workout gear helps motivate me to get moving. Imagine that ūüėČ When I came across the shoe color selection Saucony offers, I was absolutely giddy! I couldn’t decide on just one color, so the whole team got a pair so I could live out my rainbow dreams because they come in the loveliest sherbert colors.

Now don’t be mistaken, I’m taking things slow. Nothing too intense or high impact to begin with, so these shoes are great for my long walks and low impact workouts. Of course, I’ll be wearing them all around town with my dresses too!¬†Not only are they cute, but super comfy!

In addition to the shoes, we rounded up our favorite workout outfits to coordinate with our new, revolutionizing RAINBOW work out. Ha! An easy workout in every shade (and letter!) of the rainbow–P(ink), R(ed), O(orange), Y(ellow), G(reen), B(blue)because it‚Äôs always easier to remember when there‚Äôs a mnemonic device and we‚Äôre clearly fans of a rainbow. Plus, who doesn’t want to match their shoes to their scrunchie?

If you’re in need of some motivation to get moving, take a look at the shoes, gear and a few moves we’re trying!¬†

Dress the Rainbow book

Dress the Rainbow book

I’m sure you’ve all been wondering how you can get your paws on Dress the Rainbow in printed form–because I know you all want pictures of me on your coffee table (cough, cough)….Well, wonder no more! It’s here! I partnered up with Chatbooks to bring you the official Dress the Rainbow book. It’s a cute 6×6″ 75 pagephotobook of the¬†full 60 day project along with the photos arranged in fun rainbow grids.

As you might know by now, Dress the Rainbow started out as a color project wearing a solid color against the same colored background. It turned into a more meaningful project when I asked my creative and inspiring friends to join in with me, each bringing along their own stories and perspectives. To see the full Instagram project, check the collective hash tag here, where I invited all of you to join in too, and my own photos here.

I’ve decided to give 20% of the proceeds from the book to support the Syrian migrant crisis through the Red Cross.

Purchase the Dress the Rainbow book here! 

Dress the Rainbow book Dress the Rainbow book Dress the Rainbow book

60 days of Dress the Rainbow


60 days of Dress the Rainbow

60 days of dressing in every hue of the rainbow can lead to one beautiful long grid and one colorful slide show (press play for a delightful tune!). Thanks for following along on this color exploration! Check out the full Dress the Rainbow shoots here and stay tuned for a fun announcement this upcoming week!

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Day 60 & official shirt of Dress the Rainbow


What started out as a 30 day color project turned into 50 and then…60! Yes, Dress the Rainbow has come to a close after two whole months of endless wall-scouting, dreamy clothes¬†shopping, and shameless model-faking. I invited you, dear readers, to participate and wow! Over 1,000 of you joined in! Some of you really took it to heart and did your own versions of the project and I was floored at your color finding and dedication. Please, take a look at all the submissions here. I’ll be posting some of my favorites on the blog and Instagram next week along with the winner of the contest.

And, AND, I have two more special announcements. Can you even take it?! The first one is tonight and the next one will be announced next week so stay tuned for that, but in the mean time…introducing THE OFFICIAL DRESS THE RAINBOW SHIRT!

Official dress the rainbow shirt

I partnered up with & Apparel¬†to create this rainbow-lovers oxford blouse and it’s¬†screaming for a¬†color-loving¬†home. Click here to purchase this adorable guy. He’s got a sweet collar and buttons up the back and two slits on the top to show off your beautiful collar bone‚ÄĒmeow! And of course, an embroidered rainbow in lovely colors. As you know, I’m all about the dresses and skirts, but he’d be so cute with jeans too (gotta get me some of those…). AND, it’s at a super affordable price.dress-the-rainbow-shirtrainbow-nails

I’m posting the full rainbow spectrum along with some last thoughts about the project tomorrow so stay tuned!

Click here to check out the Dress The Rainbow oxford shirt! 

Photography by Jessica Peterson 

Day 59 of Dress the Rainbow


Kirsten Grove for Dress the Rainbow

Day 59 of Dress the Rainbow in pitch¬†black with Kirsten Grove of Simply Grove, an interior designer and stylist. I’ve long admired Kirsten’s clean, Scandinavian aesthetic, which she is working to capture in her styling book published by Sterling Publishers coming out at the end of 2016. I can’t wait to get my hands on it! Kirsten’s stellar taste is almost, almost¬†trumped by her kindness.

Thanks for playing with me Kirsten!

K, folks! You only have one more day to enter the #DressTheRainbow giveaway. Remember, to enter, take a picture against a brightly colored wall and tag it with #DressTheRainbow. Each photo counts as its own entry. The winner will receive a $500 gift card to Asos. Good luck!

Shop pitch black Below!

Photo by Lindsey Orton

Day 58 dress the rainbow


Dress the rainbow with Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day

Day 58 dress the rainbow in pitch black with Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day, a party DIY site and now shop. Jordan has been a great mentor and friend to me since my early days of blogging. She was the first person to hire me to do DIY projects and I contributed to Oh Happy Day for one year. I learned and continue to learn a tone from her and she’s been kind enough to give me advice and support, though you may not see it in our faces :).¬†Jordan has paved the way DIY bloggers and the online generation in general now that she’s transitioned into a full on party shop and site. I’m thrilled for her success and can’t wait to see where she takes it from here.

Thanks for dressing the rainbow, Jordan!


Photography by Lindsey Orton

Day 57 of Dress the Rainbow


Eva Jorgensen of Sycamore Street Press

Day 57 of Dress the Rainbow black with Eva Jorgensen of Sycamore Street Press,¬†a gorgeous stationery company. Eva has been a friend of mine for the past few years¬†dating back to when I first started blogging. We ended up meeting at the first ever Alt Summit and remained online friends during my years in Denmark. Being in the same state, I have come to admire Eva for her stellar business practices, whole living, and her dedication to craft and family. Eva runs SSP with her awesome husband, Kirk, and they¬†will be debuting a new collection of curated goods on their site for the fall and holidays. I’m so thrilled for all their success.

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Day 56 of Dress the Rainbow


Susan Peterson of Freshly Picked

Day 56 of Dress the Rainbow in dark grey with Susan Peterson of Freshly Picked, the baby moccasin company here in Provo. Susan built this million dollar company from¬†scratch with sheer will power and tenacity and I applaud her for her smart business practices. She has been a great business support to me since I moved here two years ago and we even collaborated on The House That Lars Built moccasin last year. AND, she loves SnapChat just as much as I do ūüôā We both spoke at today’s StartFest, a conference for starts up in Utah and agreed that we are excited that more women are participating in¬†the start up world¬†and we can’t wait until next year when more women become involved.

Thanks for playing #DressTheRainbow, Susan!

Photography by Alexa Jorgenson

Day 55 of Dress the Rainbow

Meta Coleman in Dress the Rainbow

Day 54 of Dress the Rainbow dark grey with stylist,¬†Meta Coleman. Meta and I met two years ago when were assigned to work as stylists on Merrilee’s book, Playful, and it’s been a love fest ever since. She lives 5 minutes away, which comes in handy when we need to borrow clothes or props or we just need advice. She recently stopped her blog and began focusing solely on her styling work, which covers interiors, still life work. She can out-thrift anyone (I swear she has magnets in her fingers) and when she does something, it’s always 110%. She and some other friends of mine recently started a film production company called Norr, with Meta on sets and their films are gorgeous!

Thanks for playing, Meta!

Also, a huge thanks to Haley Titus of Colour Me Classic who created the gorgeous watercolor background for today’s color. Check out her feed for other pops of watercolor backgrounds. I love love love it!

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Dress the Rainbow 9 days

whites and greys of Dress the Rainbow

I decided I can’t show you the full progress until now because we only have a few days left and it would be revealing too much! SO, here’s the next and last batch of 9 days before our final debut! I keep on saying it but it’s true: the slightest change in chrome makes all the difference, no?! I wish I could do this forever…

See the rest of Dress the Rainbow here.

Day 54 of Dress the Rainbow


Day 54 of Dress the Rainbow in medium grey with Kyong Millar of Koo de Ker, a local boutique in Salt Lake City. I remember when I was an undergrad here in Provo and this cute little shop first opened. There weren’t¬†too many rad shops in the area and this one made an impact. I was thrilled when I returned back to Utah and discovered that Koo de Ker was¬†alive and kicking 10 years later. Kyong has impeccable taste and her Instagram shows it! Her shop contains something for everyone in every price point, which I really appreciate.

Today, Kyong is giving away two gift cards worth $100 each. Check out how to enter after the jump!

Shop Medium Grey Below!

Photo by Jessica Peterson

Day 53 of Dress the Rainbow

Natalie Holbrook for Dress the Rainbow

Day 53 of Dress the Rainbow in light grey with Natalie Holbrook of the lifestyle blog,¬†Hey Natalie Jean. I caught her just as she was about to move from NYC to Moscow, Idaho and I’m so lucky I did! I felt like I was picking up a conversation with an old friend, though we had only just met for the first time . If you haven’t read her blog, you’re in for a treat. I know people say they don’t “read blogs anymore, but treat yo self and save some brain power for her hilarious and poignant musings on motherhood and marriage. This girl is gifted with the pen, errr. keyboard. And also! She came out with a book earlier this year called Hey Natalie Jean: Advice, Musings, and Inspiration¬†and its everything you want in a book: style, funnies, wisdom. I strongly recommend it! Thanks for playing with me Natalie!

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