Day 52 of Dress the rainbow

Silver dress the Rainbow

Day 51 of Dress the rainbow in silver.

Dress from Maeberry Vintage 

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Photography by Alexa Jorgenson

Day 51 of Dress the rainbow


Day 50 of Dress the rainbow in metallic gold with photographer, Jessica Peterson. Since the week I moved to Utah, Jessica has become my trusted artistic and photographic partner in crime. First and foremost, she’s an artist. An artist in mind, goals, and vision. She’s always willing to do create for the end goal of beauty, which is why we make a good pair. I’m lucky to have her by my side and to call her my friend.

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Photo by Chelsea Bauer 

Day 50 of Dress the Rainbow

BHLDN wedding skirt and topoversized flowersBHLDN wedding skirt

Day 50 of Dress the Rainbow in antique white in a gorgeous BHLDN wedding ensemble. When I was engaged, Anthropologie announced that they were coming out with a wedding site called BHLDN. I thought it was kismet. I emailed them immediately and told them I would be their guinea pig if they wanted to give me anything 🙂 Well, fast forward 5 years and I got to wear this gorgeous skirt and sweater top, which I think would be beautiful as a more subdued bride or as a change of clothing for a winter wedding.

Find my skirt here and my top here 

Photos by Maude Lee

Day 49 of Dress the Rainbow

The house That Lars Built Dress the Rainbow

LARS-IN-WHITE-1The house That Lars Built Dress the RainbowLars in white

Day 49 of Dress the Rainbow in snow white with Cristina Schaub of Birdie’s Bakery, the most sugar cookies in all the land. If you recall, I’ve already done red with her, but since we had her mega talented sister on board to style us, we had to get some more time in! Sarah Lowe, her sister, flew in from LA to bring her magical stylist powers along with a great wardrobe. I never felt so put together. Sarah! Come back and do this all the time! Luckily, this time we got a photo with her as well.

Take a look at all the gorgeous photos after the jump.

Photography by Ciara Richardson  |  Wardrobe styling by Sarah Lowe  |  Prop styling by Brittany Jepsen  |  Cristina Schaub of Birdie’s Bakery (now serving scones!)  |  Hair by Aubrey Nelson  |  At Charcoal Loft Studio in SLC

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Day 48 of Dress the rainbow

Small Fry Dress the RainbowSmall Fry Dress the Rainbow

Day 48 of Dress the Rainbow in bright white with the lovely ladies of Small Fry, a children’s blog based here in Provo. These three are quite the team, ripping up the children’s blogosphere with cute and stylish crafts along with style advice for moms. One of my favorite projects was this video about kids and love. SO good! Thanks for dressing the rainbow with my ladies!

Photos by Alexa Jorgenson  |  Visit the Small Fry site here 

Day 47 of Dress the rainbow

Kera Thompson of Interwoven

Day 47 of Dress the rainbow in cream with Kera Thompson of Interwoven. Kera is a trained interior designer who lived in the Middle East with her beautiful family and create this online home interiors shop after spotting beautiful home goods in her travels. Her curated goods are beautiful! As you can tell, Kera is one happy, lovely lady and I’m pleased to call her a friend.

And fun news! She’s giving Lars readers 20% off everything in her shop! Enter LARS20 at checkout. AND she’s a part of a Designer Market Sale in Salt Lake City next Saturday, August 29th

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Photos by Alexa Jorgenson

Day 46 of Dress the Rainbow

lavender dress the rainbow-square

Day 46 of Dress the Rainbow in lavender. Have you picked out your wall yet? If you take a pic against a colored wall and tag it with #DressTheRainbow, you’re entered in to win a $500 gift card to Asos. Hop to it!

Check out the rest of the Dress the Rainbow series on Instagram here.

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Photo by Alexa Jorgenson  |  Dress from Maeberry Vintage 

45 days of Dress the Rainbow

45 days

And, we’re nearing the ends, friends! 45 days has flown by, but stay tuned there’s more of Dress the Rainbow waiting for you!

Day 45 of Dress the rainbow

Lacey vintage dresses

Day of 45 of Dress the Rainbow in purple with Lacy Timmerman of Lacy Dresses Vintage and her mom’s shop, Why Naught shop. I first met these lovely ladies at Vintage Whites flea market earlier this year and it was love at first sight. I felt like I had found a long lost sister. This duo does an amazing job of curating the best of the best vintage dresses out there (I wanted this one so bad! Scroll down!). Lacey is getting married in the next couple of weeks and it’s been so fun to see all the elements she’s creating for it.

And another fun celebrity story: Mindy Kaling bought the dress on the right just last week. Gah!

Follow Lacy Dresses here and Why Naught Shop here

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Photography by Jessica Peterson 

Day 44 of Dress the Rainbow

Day 44 of Dress the rainbow in plum

Day 44 of Dress the Rainbow in plum while fake juggling. Guys, I’m a really good fake juggler.

And this dress? It was bought by Parker Posey at my fave vintage shop in Salt Lake City, Maeberry Vintage. Rachael, the owner of the store, said she bought a bunch of dresses and returned it in exchange for another. Perfect timing Parker. Thanks for making Dress the Rainbow run smoothly 😉

Photo by Alexa Jorgenson  |  Dress from Maeberry Vintage 

Check out the outtakes below!

Day 43 of Dress the Rainbow


Day 43 of Dress the Rainbow in grape purple with the delightful Vanessa Quigley of Chatbooks. Vanessa and I met on a cruise ship in January at Click Retreat and we became fast friends. If you haven’t heard about Chatbooks, it’s a great service where you can print out your Instagram photos and turn them into books for just $6. I have found that they are great for family and business archives. Here’s the deal though, Chatbooks 2.0 roles out after Labor Day and the price will increase to $8 per book. Any subscriptions ordered before then will stay at $6 for two years.

Use the code HOUSE419 to confirm your $6 price! Download the App from the app store or go here to their website!

Photo by Alexa Jorgenson

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Day 42 of Dress the Rainbow

Sarah Jane Studios for dress the Rainbow

Day 42 of Dress the Rainbow with my dear friend, Sarah of the illustrative design house, Sarah Jane Studios. Sarah is magic. That’s really the best adjective I can ascribe to her. She lives a life of pursuing beauty and wealth and passion but in the best senses of the words. She is kind and wise and smart and beautiful and talented, but really, how she does it by magic. I think of her as Mother Goose–a teller of beautiful stories through her illustrations and words. I’m lucky to call her my friend. She has some very exciting things happening in the near future and you must check it out. This includes some new books she’s written/illustrated, a new fabric line, new prints, and a new shop!

Check out her site here 

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photo by Alexa Jorgenson with some books that Sarah illustrated