Paper Firework Cake Topper

Paper Firework Cake Topper

One of my favorite parts of all the New Years celebrations are the fireworks. When it’s so dark and cold, a bright pop of color and sparks is just the thing to boost my mood! The problem is, with little kids, real fireworks aren’t always the most practical option. That’s why I’m in love with these paper firework cake toppers! They’re still bright, fun, and happy without the drawbacks of fire and little kids. These colorful fireworks are a stunning scene when arranged atop an all-black cake to resemble the night sky. Dramatic and playful! All you’ll need is colored paper and some skewers. We’ve provided templates you can use on your die cut machine or you can hand cut them too. What are you doing for the holiday? We want to know your plans!

Paper Firework Cake Topper

Download the paper firework templates!

Paper Firework Cake Topper

Paper Firework Cake Topper

Paper Firework Cake Topper

Firework Templates HERE


  • Bright or neon colored paper
  • Silver spray paint, optional
  • Wooden skewers
  • Black spray paint
  • Scissors or die-cut machine
  • Hot glue gun

Paper Firework Cake Topper


  1. Cut out the firework templates using scissors or your die-cut machine. We use our trusty Cricut Machine for everything!
  2. If desired, lightly spray paint the edges of the paper fireworks with the silver spray paint
  3. Spray paint your wooden skewers with black spray paint. Rotate once and spray again.
  4. Layer the larger fireworks to give them some dimension and glue together.
  5. Glue a black skewer onto the back of each firework. Vary the heights of your skewers.
  6. Arrange atop of a layer cake and enjoy the view!

Paper Firework Cake Topper Paper Firework Cake Topper Paper Firework Cake Topper

Photography by Jane Merritt  |  Cake by Julia Bigelow


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